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StepShot v4.0.0.1387

StepShot v4.0.0.1387 crack

StepShot is a powerful yet simple-to-use tool that lets you make a detailed, step-by-step procedure guide or manual. It does not take your attention from the recorded procedure – you just do everything as usual. StepShot brings the creation of manuals to a whole new level, where you use one program to record and edit each step of any computer procedure, then export and save the entire set of instructions as a single document (PDF sample, HTML sample, RTF sample, JPG sample). You can quickly and easily document your knowledge, then share it with your colleagues, partners and customers.

Configurable global hot-keys for screen captures;
Capture windows, objects, menus, full screens or rectangular regions;
Capture multiple windows and objects, including multi-level menus;
Multiple monitor support;
Optional audio indication of a successful screen capture.

Add annotations (text, arrows, lines, highlights, rectangles, etc.) to your captured images;
Separate annotations ‘layer:’ the captured image is not merged until you export it;
Add titles and descriptions to your captured images;
Undo and Redo;
Save images in BMP, JPEG or PNG format;
Copy and move items in the history list;
Copy an image directly from the history list to the Windows clipboard.

No watermarks on images or pages (licensed versions only);
Export the history list as a PDF, RTF, HTML, MHT, IMG or XLS file (licensed versions only);
Select any of the supplied document styles (export templates) for your output document (licensed versions only);
Add properties to the first page (title, author name, abstract, your logo).

Upload your exported document directly to Dropbox or any FTP site;
Upload your captured images directly to Dropbox, ImageShack or any FTP site

OS : Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP 
Language : English

Post Details:
Rate : 3.0/5 based on 110
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Categories: Other / Applications

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