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ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial crack

Create feature-rich HTML5 applications using JavaScript

Sencha Ext JS is the most comprehensive MVC/MVVM JavaScript framework for building feature-rich, cross-platform web applications targeting desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Ext JS leverages HTML5 features on modern browsers while maintaining compatibility and functionality for legacy browsers.

Ext JS features hundreds of high-performance UI widgets that are meticulously designed to fit the needs of the simplest as well as the most complex web applications. Ext JS templates and layout manager give you full control over your display irrespective of devices and screen sizes. An advanced charting package allows you to visualize large quantities of data. The framework includes a robust data package that can consume data from any backend data source. Ext JS also offers several out-of-the-box themes, and complete theming support that lets you build applications that reflect your brand. It also includes an accessibility package (ARIA) to help with Section 508 compliance.


High-Performance Customizable UI Widgets


ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

Sencha Ext JS provides the industry’s most comprehensive collection of high-performance, customizable UI widgets. These widgets include HTML5 grids, trees, lists, forms, menus, toolbars, panels, windows, and much more. If you don’t find a widget you are looking for, hundreds of user extensions are available from the Sencha community.


Backend Agnostic Data Package


ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

The robust data package included in Sencha Ext JS decouples the UI widgets from the data layer. The data package allows client-side collections of data using highly functional models that offer features such as sorting and filtering. The data package is protocol agnostic, and can consume data from any backend source. It comes with session management capabilities that allow several client-side operations, minimizing round-trips to the server.


Layout Manager and Responsive Configs


ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

Sencha Ext JS includes a flexible layout manager to help organize the display of data and content across multiple browsers, devices, and screen sizes. It helps you to control the display of components, even for the most complex user interfaces. Ext JS also provides a responsive config system that allows application components to adapt to specific device orientation (landscape or portrait) or available browser window size.


Advanced Charting Package


ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

The Sencha Ext JS charting package allows you to visually represent data with a broad range of chart types — including line, bar, and pie charts. The charts use surfaces and sprites developed with a drawing package implemented using SVG, VML, and Canvas technologies. Browser variations are handled automatically so that the charts always display correctly. Ext JS charts also support touch gestures on mobile devices, thereby providing enhanced interactive features to the charts such as pan, zoom, and pinch.


Easily Customizable Themes


ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

Sencha Ext JS widgets are available in multiple out-of-the-box themes such as Classic, Neptune, and Crisp. The themes are customizable to reflect a specific brand identity. Sencha Cmd exposes hundreds of variables used by Ext JS themes, which can be altered to design custom themes. A visual theme builder is also available in Sencha Architect that lets you customize the themes via a WYSIWYG editor.


Accessibility Package (ARIA) for Section 508 compliance


ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

Sencha Ext JS ARIA Package makes it possible to add accessibility support to your applications by providing tools that developers need to achieve Section 508 Compliance. Using the ARIA package, developers can create apps that are usable for people who need assistive technologies such as screen readers to navigate the web.


App Templates


ExtJS v6.0.1 Commercial

A variety of application templates come pre-installed to kickstart your app, instead of starting from a blank canvas. Templates are editable and completely customizable, and you can even create your own templates and reuse them for future projects.

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