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LLBLGen Pro v5.0.5.0

LLBLGen Pro v5.0.5.0 crack

Using databases in your .NET code made easy

To write queries against your ORM framework, utilizing your database and your data: 
LLBLGen Pro gets you there immediately.

Any .NET ORM framework

LLBLGen Pro is the leading entity modeling solution for .NET and can be used with Entity Framework, NHibernate and Linq to Sql, or our own ORM.
It lets you easily define your entity model and map it to your database so you can get started writing queries right away.


Sophisticated O/R mapping

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework is a fully featured, state-of-the-art O/R Mapper with all the modern features you'd expect. It's comprehensive and mature, powering tens of thousands of projects around the world.


Use any .NET ORM framework

LLBLGen Pro v5.0.5.0

The LLBLGen Pro Designer


Work the way you want

The LLBLGen Pro Designer supports both database-first and model-first modeling. At any given moment you can switch between the two, giving you the flexibility you need.


Solid and reliable

The Designer is the best choice for working with the major O/R Mapping frameworks: Entity Framework, NHibernate and Linq to Sql, or our own ORM. It's flexible, allowing you to configure any aspect of the mapping workflow. It's robust, designed to handle models with thousands of entities.


World-class generated code

The code produced by the Designer reads like it's been written by you. It's clean, well documented and well tested. There are no surprises, so you can focus on more important matters.



The LLBLGen Pro Designer offers the complete toolset you'll need to utilize any of the supported O/R mapper frameworks and databases in your application to the fullest.


Sophisticated O/R mapping



The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework comes with all the newest features like async/await, resultset caching, eager loading, Transient error recovery and Linq support. It fits right into your own application written with the latest .NET technologies.

LLBLGen Pro v5.0.5.0

Async Linq query using eager loading, caching and field exclusion



The runtime framework is a reliable O/R mapper since its the first release in 2003. Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, it has proven to be a solid foundation you can rely on, whatever you demand from it.


High performance

We have optimized the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework to be one of the fastest ORMs on .NET, without cutting corners in features. Additionally, we included features for you to optimize your queries based on your situation.


New features in v5.0


Derived Models support

Define derived models on top of the entity model. Use them to produce hierarchical projected, denormalized sets, and for example store them in document databases, or use them as DTOs in MVC models or exposed as a service to client-side frameworks. You can target a different framework in each derived model. Support for several document databases (MongoDB, RavenDB and a generic document DB) has been added, as well as read-only / read-write DTO projections. 
Read more 


New relational model data sync system

Sync replaces both database first related actions like refresh catalog, and model first related actions like auto-map and adjust relational model data. Everything is managed from a single tab, the Sync Relational Model Data tab. With a simple click on a button you can now sync the relational model data in your project with the model and with relational databases. It also allows scenarios where you e.g. sync table definitions with your entity model (model first) but at the same time refresh your views and stored procedure meta data from a relational database. 
Read more 

LLBLGen Pro v5.0.5.0

The Sync Relational Model Data tab: one place to perform all synchronization, with one button


Real-time validation

The designer now validates a project in real-time using the real-time task system. Every change to the project triggers a validation cycle which is started after a short interval. This allows quick feedback for every change you make. Of course every warning / error found in validation comes with suggestions and helpful instructions on how to correct them, so you're quickly back on track.


New, skinnable/themable modern UI

The designer now comes with a new user interface, which is skinnable / themable and comes with a series of pre-defined themes. It looks / feels modern with a flat design, new icons and color themes the user can choose from to meet their needs. The new user interface is accompanied with new features like floating editors. When using the designer integrated inside Visual Studio.NET, the LLBLGen Pro designer's theme is set to the same theme as the VS.NET color theme.

LLBLGen Pro v5.0.5.0

The LLBLGen Pro designer, integrated in Visual Studio, using the Dark Theme


Even faster runtime framework

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework in v5 is even faster than before. Queries using projections in Linq or QuerySpec are now 30-40% faster than in v4.2 and are in general faster than a lot of the existing MicroORMs. See:https://github.com/FransBouma/RawDataAccessBencher, e.g. the results from December 16th, 2015.


Auto-referencing generated VS.NET projects

The code generators now automatically reference VS.NET project files generated by the code generator in the same cycle. This means that when the designer generates two VS.NET projects for example, A and B, and B has a dependency on A, the VS.NET project file of B automatically references A so you don't have to do that manually anymore.


Search in Project Explorer / Catalog Explorer

Directly available in the Project Explorer and Catalog Explorer are the search boxes: type in any string and the nodes matching the string are kept, all other nodes are filtered out.


Revamped Home tab

The Home tab now shows easy access links to the last opened projects as well as to support and documentation


Much more...

There's much more new and adjusted in v5.0. To get a detailed overview of what's new in the LLBLGen Pro Designer v5.0, please visit its 'what's new'page in the Designer documentation.



To get a detailed overview of what's new in the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework v5.0, please visit its 'what's new' page in the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework documentation as well.

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