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SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0

SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0 crack


1 Helps you keep the code clean

All team members can freely refactor and rearrange their code because they know they’ll be able to merge it easily with SemanticMerge.

2 Helps to better understand your code changes

It doesn’t matter if one team member refactored an entire file, while another fixed a critical bug; you’ll understand what happened when you merge with SemanticMerge!

3 Merges are based on structure, not location

Unlike a text-based merge, SemanticMerge parses the code and extracts the structure; therefore, position changes will no longer be an issue.

4 Avoids incorrectly identified automatic merges

SemanticMerge can detect when a method* was modified in parallel, even when no “text-block-conflicts” occur; thus enabling you to review the changes. Traditional merge tools would have identified the change as a trivial 'automatic' merge.

5 SemanticMerge deals with language-specific conflicts

Add two different “usings” clauses (C#) on two different locations. Add the same method twice in two different locations. These two scenarios, among others, will be automatically resolved.

6 Keeps it simple

SemanticMerge handles structure conflicts, but will use a text-based merge to handle conflicts inside the bodies of methods, functions, properties, etc...

What it does?

As programmers we always expected merge to be this way: first parse the code, then get the structure and finally merge based on that.

This way a case like the one below, a nightmare for text- based merge tools, involving methods moved to different classes and modified, becomes trivial.

SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0


SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Location independent
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Visual Merge and Diff
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Tracks what has been added
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Dealing with language specific
SEE MORE ▸SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Method based conflicts
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Fully refactor aware
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Semantic Diff included
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Divergent refactors
SEE MORE ▸SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Move and delete
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Fallback mechanism
SEE MORE ▸ SemanticMerge v2.0.95.0
Bonus track
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