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Dash v3.4 for MacOSX

Dash v3.4 for MacOSX crack

Dash - a very handy application that includes a browser API documentation and sample code snippets with the ability to search for languages, programming environments and databases. Dash already contains more than 150 documents and packages there are several ways to add your own: leave request the developer to generate dokset, well, or just make a bookmark to any page. The Dash has a built-in search Google and StackOverflow, and view multiple doksetov parallel, you can use tabs.

Each package documents can be loaded independently of the other packages, so you can use only those that are needed for the job. Dash allows you to store snippets of code, and you can instantly search and view the documentation for any API (full list, see. Below)

Documentation Browser Features:
• Offline Documentation: iOS, OS X, Swift, Man Pages, .NET Framework, ActionScript, Akka, Android, AngularJS, Angular.dart, Ansible, Apache, Appcelerator Titanium, AppleScript, Arduino, Backbone, Bash, Boost, Bootstrap, Bourbon , Bourbon Neat, C, C ++, CakePHP, Cappuccino, Chai, Chef, Clojure, CMake, cocos2D, cocos2D-X, CodeIgniter, CoffeeScript, ColdFusion, Common Lisp, Compass, Cordova, Corona, CSS, D3.js, Dart, Django , Dojo Toolkit, Drupal, ElasticSearch, Elixir, Emacs Lisp, ember.js, Emmet.io, Erlang, Express.js, Expression Engine, ExtJS, Flask, Font Awesome, Foundation, GLib, Go, Grails, Groovy, Grunt, Haml , Haskell, HTML, Jade, Jasmine, Java SE, Java EE, JavaFX, javascript, Joomla, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, Knockout.js, Kobold2D, Laravel, LaTeX, Less, Lo-Dash, Lua, Marionette.js , Meteor, MomentJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, Mono, MooTools, MySQL, Nginx, Node.js, NumPy, OCaml, OpenCV, OpenGL, Perl, PhoneGap, PHP, PHPUnit, Play Framework, Polymer.dart, PostgreSQL, Processing.org, Prototype, Puppet, Python, Qt, R, Redis, RequireJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rust, Sass, SaltStack, Scala, SciPy, Sencha Touch, Sinon, Smarty, Sparrow, Spring Framework, SproutCore, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, Statamic, Stylus, SVG, Symfony, Tcl, Tornado, Twig, Twisted, TYPO3, Underscore.js, Unity 3D, Vagrant, Vim, VMware vSphere, WordPress, Xamarin, Xojo, XSLT, XUL, Yii, YUI, Zend Framework, Zepto.js .

• Download docsets from CocoaDocs.org, RubyGems.org, Maven.org (Java and Scala), Packagist.org (PHP) and GoDoc.org.
• Supports docsets generated using popular tools like Appledoc and Doxygen.
• Methods are conveniently shown in a special Table of Contents.
• Highlighted in-page search.
• Save bookmarks of your most used documentation pages.
• Create search profiles to easily switch between docsets.
• Easily search specific docsets by defining keyword filters (e.g. start your query with "python:" to search only the Python documentation).
• Integration plugins for: Xcode, Alfred, Quicksilver, LaunchBar, Coda, Espresso, PopClip, Sublime Text, Atom, Chocolat, Emacs, Vim, BBEdit, TextWrangler, TextMate, Eclipse, AppCode, Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea, RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, Terminal, AppleScript.
• Easily integrate with any other application using the "dash: //" URL scheme or the "Look up in Dash" system service.
• Fuzzy search. Do not let misspells get in your way.
• Built for speed. Searching is almost instant.

Snippet Manager Features:
• Collect snippets of code that you reuse often.
• Sync by saving your library in Dropbox.
• Over 80 syntaxes for code highlighting.
• Variable Placeholders can be edited before pasting.
• Abbreviations are expanded wherever you type them.

Special Snippet Placeholders:
• @clipboard expands into the contents of the clipboard.
• @cursor repositions the cursor after expansion.
• @date expands into the current date.
• @time expands into the current time.

Other Features:
• Retina-ready.
• Multi-Touch Gestures.
• Menu item or dock application, always one keyboard shortcut away.
• Users that want to use Dash only as a Snippet Manager or Documentation Browser, can do so.

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