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ModelMaker Code Explorer v12.3.0 Delphi 10.2 Tokyo

ModelMaker Code Explorer v12.3.0 Delphi 10.2 Tokyo crack

ModelMaker Code Explorer v12.3.0 Delphi 10.2 Tokyo + Crack

ModelMaker Code Explorer: Delphi Refactoring made easy!

  • Award winning Refactoring Browser with Delphi Pascal support.
  • Integrated with Delphi 7, 2007-2010, XE - XE8, Delphi 10 - 10.2 Tokyo.
  • Delphi 5 and 6 support provided as service.
  • Improve the design of existing code with build-in refactorings
  • Instant, two-way navigation.
  • Point-and-click, drag-and-drop programming.
  • IntelliReplace™ propagates renames in code.
  • Create and edit classes, members and procedures.
  • Instantly copy, paste and on-the-fly convert classes, methods, properties etc. even between classes and modules.
  • Use Entity Insight™ to change attributes for (multiple) selected members. 
  • Rearrange and Sort code, maintaining region definitions.
  • Improve Navigation with HistoryMethod Favorites and Member Search Bar
  • Live Documentation support
  • Live Metrics™
  • Source Indexer 
  • IDE Editor Refactorings bring refactorings right in the Editor.

As a Class Browser it shows classes (inheritance) and members (fields, methods, properties) in two filtered views, similar to the windows explorer. On the left the Explorer docked in the IDE editor. The Classes view (top) displays classes and inheritance relations for the current module. The Members view (bottom) show the filtered members for the selected class.

Navigation features like Member search barMember Favorites Navigation history help finding your way around in code.

Code Explorer is fully Form Designer awareand, for example, has a special filter to suppress component fields and event handler methods.

As a Refactoring Editor, it makes changing code easy and fast: Classes and members can be created and modified through drag and drop or by selecting options in dedicated dialogs. You to Refactor, edit, correct and delete existing classes and members just as easy as you created them.

ModelMaker Code Explorer offers

  • Code Browser : Improved navigation based on two-way navigation.
  • A structured Class Editor: Create, edit, delete and copy classes, members and module procedures with a few mouse clicks.
  • Explorer Refactoring: Extract Class, Rename Parameter and many more.
  • Editor Refactoring: Apply Extract Method, Add Local Var, Rename Local etc. in the IDE source editor.
  • Entity Insight™ bar - quick access to attributes for selected entities. 
  • Live Documentation support: display and edit  any comment style.

Cut,Copy and Paste let you pick up a class, properties and methods and duplicate them or move them to another class or module. Where necessary names and modifiers are automatically adjusted.

Drag and Drop Members on a class to copy / move / convert them. For example: Drag interface members on a class to implement the interface (C#, pascal), Drag a module or local procedure on a class to convert it to a method (pascal)

Use Editor Refactoring's to refactor an entity at cursor position or operate on selected code. For example press Ctrl+Shift+X to invoke Extract Method for the selected code. Configurable keyboard shortcuts make these refactoring-s available with just one keystroke. Common tasks like Add a Field, Modify a Property and Rename Local are all invoked with just one keystroke.with some editor enhancements.

Advanced Code Sort and Rearrange features include:

  • Rearrange members in Members view using Drag and Drop in Interface and Implementation (pascal) rearrange modes.
  • Rearrange class members using predefined sorting schemes.
  • Sort class members according to the customizable default scheme.
  • Sorting maintains Source Regions and optionally sorts inside regions
  • Sorting hints are emitted for classes not matching the default sorting scheme.
  • Read more on sorting...

Delphi 5 and 6 support

The Delphi 5 and 6 editions are included as a service "as long as they compile". New features are not retro-fitted into these IDEs. Support and bug fixing for these IDEs is limited because they cannot be debugged.

General new features - version 12.3.0

  • Delphi 10.2 Tokyo support.

Delphi 10.2 Tokyo defines some commonly used MMX keyboard shortcuts. For example Ctrl+E: MMX::Edit Enity is now Delphi::Incremental Search.
You may need to redefine the shortcuts you use via MMX | Properties | Keyboard shortcuts. For example : MMX: Edit Entity -> Shift+Alt+E etc. Much depending on what else you have installed in your IDE.

Delphi Refactoring آسان با ModelMaker Code Explorer!

  • جایزه برنده به عنوان Refactoring Browser با پشتیبانی Delphi Pascal
  • ادغام شده با دلفی 7، 2007-2010، XE – XE8، دلفی 10 – 10.2 Tokyo
  • بهبود طراحی کدهای موجود با refactoring های توکار
  • Navigation سریع و دوطرفه
  • برنامه نویسی Point-and-click و drag-and-drop
  • تکثیر rename ها در کد توسط IntelliReplaceTM
  • ایجاد و ویرایش class ها، member ها و procedure ها
  • Copy، paste و convert کردن سریع class ها، method ها، property ها و غیره حتی مابین کلاس ها و ماژول ها
  • پشتیبانی Live Documentation
  • ...

به عنوان یک Class Browser، Code Explorer کلاسها – inheritance – و عضوها – field ها، method ها، property ها – را در دو ویوی فیلترشده همانند windows explorer نمایش می دهد. 

امکاناتی نظیر Member search bar، Member Favorites و Navigation history به مسیریابی آسان شما کمک می کند.  

Code Explorer کاملا" حساس به Form Designer می باشد به عنوان مثال دارای فیلتری خاص برای کنترل component field ها و event handler method ها می باشد. 

به عنوان یک Refactoring Editor، Code Explorer امکان ایجاد تغییرات در کدها به صورت سریع و آسان را فراهم می کند.

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