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Netsparker Professional v4.8.0.13139

Netsparker Professional v4.8.0.13139 crack

Remote scanner web vulnerability designed to detect errors in the settings of the web server, search for XSS vulnerabilities and opportunities for SQL injection. Netsparker can be used for the initial check for vulnerabilities of the web site, a particular directory, and specific web script.Supports work with AJAX/javascript web sites. In addition to vulnerability scanning, web scanner analyzes the structure of a web site for disclosure of proprietary information, such as data backup, debug web scripts, hidden directories, email addresses, IP addresses and so on.

Benefits of Netsparker:

Ease of Use
-We understand that you want to spend your time securing your web app, not learning how to use tools. That’s why we designed Netsparker with usability among our foremost goals: just download, install and start using it straight away.

Advanced Scanning
-Behind its deceptively simple user interface, Netsparker hosts an advanced suite of scanning technologies that can probe deep into your web application, identifying security flaws that other products merely leave to chance.

Full HTML5 Support
-HTML5 allows organizations to develop richer, more dynamic and interactive web applications. More complex web applications also mean new vulnerabilities and security issues that malicious hackers can exploit to hack into an organization’s network.

Web Services Scanning
-Web services are frequently used by organizations since they ease and improve the communication between network and web based devices and application. Yet, even though they are so popular they are overlooked, hence posing a security threat to the organization’s web environments. More about Web Services Scanning.

Built-in Tools
-To optimize pen-testing effectiveness, Netsparker incorporates a range of commonly-used utility features. When you need to investigate or visualize a troublesome vulnerability, it’s reassuring to know that everything you need is at your fingertips.

-Finding and confirming security vulnerabilities is only part of the story. You also need to be able to visualize and share your findings with colleagues and management. Netsparker supports a range of built-in report formats, as well as the ability to design your own custom reports.

-One of the cornerstones of Netsparker’s design is its ability to actively exploit suspected vulnerabilities, proving them beyond doubt. But this unique feature becomes all-the-more powerful when it is used to probe even deeper, allowing you to visualize the impact in real time and even to discover related vulnerabilities that would otherwise be undetectable.

Manual Testing
-Despite the obvious benefits of full automation, you may periodically need a little more control over the scanning process. Netsparker rises to the challenge by offering a range of manual overrides, enabling you to fine-tune your scan strategy to suit almost any scenario.




نرم افزارهای تست امنیت سرور و مشکلات وب به صورت از راه دور، برای یافتن خطا در تنظیمات وب سرور، جستجوی مشکلات و آسیب ها و حتی یافتن نقاط  قوت XSS ها در ورودی های SQL یا به طور مثال لو رفتن اطلاعات پایگاه داده، آدرس های ایمیل و یا فایل های مخفی هکر ها به کار می روند.  Netsparker Professional برای اسکن اولیه ضعف ها و نقاط امنیتی آسیب پذیر یک وب سایت، یا یک دایرکتوری مشخص و یا حتی یک وب اسکریپت که تحت سایت های AJAX/javascript کار می کند، استفاده می شود. این نرم افزار ضعف امنیت در سرورهای شما را شناسایی می کند. تا بتوانید نقاط آسیب پذیر وب سایت و سرورهای کامپیوتری تان را که می تواند مورد حمله هکرها قرار بگیرد، به صورت از راه دور، پیدا نمایید.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار Netsparker Professional:
- راحتی استفاده و عدم نیاز به هیچ گونه راهنما
- اسکن فوق پیشرفته و سریع
- ساپورت کامل AJAX/JavaScript/HTML5
- اسکن کامل وب سرویس ها
- قابلیت یافتن ضعف های امنیتی و امکان گزارش گیری از آن
- و ...



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