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DITidy v5.9.0 for D4-XE10.1

DITidy v5.9.0 for D4-XE10.1 crack

DITidy is an embedded HTML parser and pretty printer for Delphi (Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland). It reads HTML and XML into a DOM tree, checks for and repairs errors, and writes valid HTML.


DITidy is build on the libtidy library but requires no DLLs not other external files. All code is compiled into the application's executable.


  • HTML, XHTML and XML parser.
  • Parses from file, memory, and via customizable interfaces.
  • Reads Documents in Latin1, UTF-8, Windows, and other encodings.
  • Reports a wide range of HTML and XHTML problems during parsing.
  • Easy to use API to iterate and examine document nodes and attributes.
  • Generates cleaned-up and well formatted HTML and XHTML with customizable layout styles.
  • Reads and writes configuration files compatible with HTML Tidy.
  • Built-in English language descriptions of library options.
  • Completely self-contained in a smart-linking, single file source code unit.

DITidy 5.9.0 – 19 Dec 2016

  • Add a set of new parser options to disable detection of non-HTML tokens sometimes found in server contexts.
  • Fix: Especially crafted HTML could cause the parser to enter an infinite loop.
  • Fix a tidyOptParseValue access violation crash when writing a read-only option.
Post Details:
Rate : 4.0/5 based on 12
Download: 36
Visit: 584
Categories: Delphi

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