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RedGate SQL Prompt v7.5

RedGate SQL Prompt v7.5 crack

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Write, format, share and refactor your SQL effortlessly


  • Advanced IntelliSense-style code completion
  • Code snippet library
  • Refactor SQL code
  • SSMS tab history
  • SSMS tab coloring

Writing and formatting SQL code by hand, even with IntelliSense, is frankly pretty dull

So we made SQL Prompt Pro, which isn’t.

Available as an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio, SQL Prompt Pro strips away the repetition of coding.

As well as autocompleting your code, SQL Prompt Pro takes care of formatting, object renaming, and other distractions, so you can concentrate on how the code actually works.

Key features for both SSMS and Visual Studio:

Formatting your code

Try formatting your own SQL code below with a few predefined styles, or create and share your own styles with the full formatting options in SQL Prompt Pro.

Easily switch between styles in one click

Work in your own preferred style, then switch to your shared team style for co-working, and on to your company-wide style when you are ready to ship.

Fine-tune your formatting

Our advanced options allow you to fine-tune your formatting styles to get them exactly how you like them, and you can even share them with your friends and colleagues.

Format only what you need

Select a fragment of SQL script you want formatting simply by selecting it, or disable formatting for certain blocks by using our handy actions shortcut.

Navigating your code:

Code completion with statement expansion

Our smart code completion works as you type, providing suggestions to help make your coding fast and accurate.

Scripting an object as ALTER

Use SQL Prompt to script out an object in a query simply by right clicking and choosing Script Object as ALTER from the menu.

Select an object in the Object Explorer

With SQL Prompt you can select an object or synonym from Object Explorer directly from the query window.

Find invalid SQL Server objects

Use SQL Prompt to find invalid objects in your database, such as if you want to know if any objects are referencing other objects that have been dropped.

Find unused variables and parameters

SQL Prompt can find and highlight any parameters or variables that are unused in a script.

Instant access to schema information and summarize scripts

Access your schema information and view a summary of the actions that a SQL script performs, in the order in which they occur.

Refactoring your code:

Safely rename objects in your script

You can use SQL Prompt to rename all occurrences of a variable or alias in a query.

Encapsulate SQL as a new stored procedure

With SQL Prompt, you can create a new stored procedure from any block of valid SQL.

Split a table in your database

SQL Prompt can split a table in your database into two tables. This is useful if you want to normalize a database, improve database performance or change the database design.

Features only in SSMS:

Save and recover lost tabs

With tab history, you can save, preview, and rename tabs – and restore tabs previously opened in SSMS. You can pick up work where you left off and start coding again in seconds.

Tab coloring

Set different colors for different groups, servers and databases, so you can quickly and easily identify which environment you’re working in within SSMS.

Smart rename refactoring

Create a script that allows you to rename objects in your database without breaking dependencies.

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