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Expressions v1.2.1 for MacOSX

Expressions v1.2.1 for MacOSX crack

Expressions is an app to play with regular expressions. Easily and nicely. Totally minimalistic, non–distractive user interface. Dark and light mode. Pattern syntax highlighting. Beautiful full screen view. Pattern and text group highlighting. Regular expression reference sheet.

Expressions supports switching between pattern groups by pressing cmd+shift { and cmd+shift+}. Copying pattern can be escaped, so you can paste it directly into your code. And the other way round, of course (see Edit menu.) Thanks to "Allow whitespaces and comments" option, you can break pattern into parts which makes editing much simpler (see Preferences.)

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

Expressions امکان حرکت بین pattern group ها با فشار دکمه های cmd+shift و cmd+shift+ را فراهم می کند. امکان طفره رفتن از کپی کردن pattern وجود دارد، در نتیجه می توانید آن را مستقیما" به کد paste کنید. در سایه گزینه Allow whitespaces and comments می توانید pattern را به چندین قسمت جدا کنید که این عمل باعث تسهیل در ویرایش می شود.

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