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XSD2Code++ v4.2.0.31

XSD2Code++ v4.2.0.31 crack

Developer Productivity Add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio

Advanced and flexible code generator from XML schemas - Fully-functional 15 day free trial!

Xsd2code++ allows to match an XML document to a set of C# or Vb classes and vice versa operations through serialization / deserialization.integrated directly into Microsoft Visual Studio, xsd2code++ is a true productivity tool. It allows developers to manipulate an XML documentwithout having to know XML or how an XML document is processed. The manipulation of the XML document is done using objects previouslygenerated from an XML schema.

What xsd2Code++ can do ?

  • Reduces development time.
  • Generates business objects from XSD Schema or XML file in flexible C# or Visual Basic code.
  • Royalty free distribution of compiled code and runtime.
  • Support Framework 2.0 to 4.5, Silverlight and WinRT.
  • Support Xamarin Framework Forms, iOs, Android.
  • Support strong typed collection (List<T>, ObservableCollection<T>, MyCustomCollection<T>).
  • Support automatic properties.
  • Generate XML read and write methods .
  • Databinding support (WPF, Silverlight, WinRT).
  • WCF (DataMember attribute).
  • XML Encoding support (UTF-8/32, ASCII, Unicode and custom encoding).
  • Camel case / Pascal Case support.
  • Restriction support.
  • Support large and complex XSD file.

And also,

  • Customizable code with around of 40 parameters that are persisted to be reused.
  • Generate documentation from <xsd:annotation> elements.
  • Use Lazy Loading pattern in property getter.
  • Generate flexible code with partial and/or base class.

Saves you time,

  • xsd2code++ is fully integrated with Visual Studio as add-in.
  • Three clicks only to generate classes corresponding to your XSD or XML structure.
  • The generated code includes save and load methods for XML or JSON serialization.
  • Automatic code generation when XSD file is updated (CustomTool)

Update (May 08, 2016)

New features

  • Best partice about PropertyNameSpecified
  • Code cleanup improvment
  • Allow set up a default options template
  • Add new setting IgnoreEmptyEnumType for ShoudSerialize Method

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix : Bad code in PropertyChanged in the property setter with enum name equals
  • Fix : Renamed property with PascalCaseName are not exlude if ExcludeImportedTypes=true /ssp- flag
  • Fix : Critical error - No C# Code Generated
  • Fix : Command Line Issues and cmd line option for Code Cleanup
  • Fix : CDATA not supported if the schema contains specific namespace
  • Fix : In some case and if PascalCaseProperty enabled, the generated code contains duplicate class
  • Fix : Summary comment improvment
  • Fix : [VB] VB Compilation faild with RangeAttribute and DiteTime type
  • Fix : [VB] Support of Disable/Enable compilation Warning for VB project
  • Fix : [VB] Symplify and compact code in setter
  • Fix : [VB] Illegal <> characters in ShouldSerialize method in generated code
  • Fix : [VB] Compilation error with ShouldSerializeProperty Method with type XmlElement
  • Fix : [VB] Generate in separate files create a bad Namespace and compilation faild
  • Fix : [VB] 'Is' operator on type 'UShort' cause compilation failed
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