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Supercharger v1.1.0.920 Retail

Supercharger v1.1.0.920 Retail crack

Supercharger v1.1.0.920 Retail

Supercharger is an extension designed to significantly improve the Visual Studio development experience. It builds upon and enhances previous VS10x products like CodeMAP, Editor View Enhancer, Comments Extender while also adding new high-quality tools.

Brief highlights:

  • The new, Roslyn-based, high performance and very accurate CodeMAP for quick code navigation
  • Code flow lines are not simple indent lines, but a smart outline of your code, independently collapsible and completely customizable (color, style) for all applicable code construct categories
  • Enhanced code editor readability with type and member name emphasis, region name emphasis, attribute dimming etc
  • SuperFind comes with a revolutionary new presentation for find results, along with very useful find options
  • Use bold/italic when writing code like you would in Word or other rich document editors
  • Add persistent color background highlights to code with yellow, green, cyan (and other colors) markers
  • Transform comments into magic comments with formatting, color, size and graphical separator lines
  • Review spelling and phrasing at various scopes
  • Write code faster with AutoText, i.e. expand a few letters into an fully-grown code snippet, with macro/parameter replacements
  • Reuse previous clipboard items (a.k.a. clipboard history) and use nine persistent 'indexed' buffers for repetitive multi-buffer paste operations

CHANGELOG: (Jan 03, 2018)

  • AutoText: Close the suggestion list if left arrow is pressed.
  • AutoText: Pressing <Enter> with the suggestion list open but with no selection was causing an error.
  • AutoText: Filtering the suggestion list was sometimes yielding an error.
  • AutoText: Fixed other error conditions.
  • CodeMAP: Rephrased option names in the "Item Data" panel in order to prevent confusions.

Supercharger عبارت است از یک extension که با هدف بهسازی و پیشبرد فرآیند توسعه نرم افزار در Visual Studio طراحی شده است. Superchargerحالت ارتقاء یافته و پیشرفته تر محصولات VS10x قبلی نظیر CodeMAP، Editor View Enhancer و Comments Extender می باشد که ابزارهای جدیدی با کیفیت بالا به آن اضافه شده است. 

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Rate : 5.0/5 based on 69
Download: 207
Visit: 1,324
Categories: .Net

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