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yFiles.NET v4.4.0.1

yFiles.NET v4.4.0.1 crack

yFiles.NET is an extensive Windows Forms programming library for the Microsoft .NET environment.

Its top-notch data structures and algorithms for viewing and editing diagrams allow you to automatically arrange complex graphs, diagrams, and networks with the click of a button.

yFiles.NET - Changes Since 4.4


  • A bug in RotatedSliderEdgeLabelModel that could only occur in very rare occasions where the first or last edge segment is orthogonal and the source or target port was completely outside the node boundaries, could cause the label to lie at infinite coordinates. In most cases this would result in the label becoming just invisible, but code that does not properly handle infinite coordinates could possibly break due to numeric instabilities.
  • An edge whose source or target port is owned by another edge (edge-to-edge connection) was always drawn in the background if grouping was enabled instead of in front of the related groups. Now, such an edge is drawn in front of these groups, with the same z-index as a similar edge from node to node would get.
  • GenericYList: Calling Insert on an empty list has thrown an exception.
  • MoveViewportInputMode no longer fires the DragFinishing and DragFinished events for simple clicks without any mouse movement.
  • NodeDefaults, EdgeDefaults and all other Defaults: it was erroneously possible to assign null to the Style property although this property is marked as NotNull. Now, the property throws an ArgumentNullException in this case.
  • FoldedGraph detects more carefully what has changed before invoking the methods CreateDummyEdgeAppearance and ChangeDummyEdgeAppearance of IDummyEdgeConverter. Previously, in some cases, these methods were called to often or not at all.
  • When both a group node and its child node were resized together the group node bounds shrunk to its original bounds once the child had reached the original bounds.
  • Fixed problem in LayoutGraphAdapter where label candidates for edge labels were not always determined correctly.
  • When snapping was disabled temporarily (using Ctrl) during a move gesture the moved item snapped after finishing the gesture, anyway.
  • FoldedGraphUndoSupport didn't add the correct bend information to its internal data structures.
  • Custom selection visualizations using EdgeStyleDecorationInstaller in DecorationZoomMode.Mixedor DecorationZoomMode.ViewCoordinates did not work correctly together with BridgeManager.
  • Explicit null values (<x:Null/>) in GraphML could lead to NullReferenceExceptions.
  • GraphML serialization can be forced to write a class property in element syntax using a GraphMLAttribute's WriteAsAttribute property with value XamlAttributeWriteMode.Never. Forcing a property that is shared to be written as element lead to invalid GraphML files.
  • If GraphEditorInputMode.Graph had been changed, the mode still held a reference to items from the previous graph instance, thus delaying garbage collection of that graph instance. This has been improved.
  • Orthogonal edge editing could throw an exception if edges were removed during a gesture that would require edge orthogonalization.
  • Improved performance of BridgeManager and prevented redundant LineTo path elements.
  • EmfExporter: Prevent locked files caused by internal exceptions.
  • Changes to IGraph.Nodes, IGraph.Edges and other collection properties on AbstractGraphWrapperimplementations were not correctly propagated to the wrapped IGraph instance. In particular, this affected folding views.
  • If NodeDropInputMode.LeafParentsAllowed was false, dropping a node onto a leaf node did not consider parent group nodes of the leaf node as possible drag targets. This was a regression with respect to the behavior in version 4.3 and earlier of the library. The fixed behavior is slightly incompatible with previous releases in the 4.4 release branch.
  • If NodeDropInputMode.LeafParentsAllowed was true, the value of the FolderNodeParentsAllowedwas ignored.
  • Changes to the properties CanvasControl.PrintCommandsEnabled, CanvasControl.NavigationCommandsEnabled, GraphControl.FileOperationsEnabled and GraphControl.ClipboardEnabled were not properly reflected in the UI.


  • IncrementalHierarchicLayouter: In non-incremental mode, sequence constraints may not have been respected.
  • IncrementalHierarchicLayouter: Optimized the sequence of group nodes if 'place at head/tail' sequence constraints are defined.
  • IncrementalHierarchicLayouter: corrected wrong node placements in graphs with groups if sequence constraints are used.
  • Polyline.EdgeRouter: Fixed rare NullReferenceException that may occur for graphs where only a subset of edges is routed, see EdgeRouter.SphereOfAction.
  • CircularLayouter: Fixed bug that may cause node overlaps.
  • CopiedLayoutGraph: Fixed problem that may cause movement of label boxes in the original graph even if method CopiedLayoutGraph.CommitLayoutToOriginalGraph is not called.
  • ComponentLayouterModule: Disabled from-sketch option for styles that don't support it.
  • MultiPageLayouter: Fixed bug that caused that an AbortHandler attached to the input graph was ignored.
  • MultiPageLayouter: Fixed NullReferenceException that may occur if the data provider MultiPageLayouter.EdgeIdDpKEy is an instance of EdgeMap.
  • IncrementalHierarchicLayouter: Fixed routing style violations in octilinear grouped edges.
  • IncrementalHierarchicLayouter: Fixed label placement for octilinear selfloops with the same side constraints for source and target port.

Incompatible Changes

Changes in Default Behavior

  • If NodeDropInputMode.LeafParentsAllowed is false, dropping a node onto a leaf node now does consider parent group nodes of the leaf node as possible drag targets. This fixes a regression with respect to the behavior in version 4.3 and earlier of the library. The fixed behavior is slightly incompatible with previous releases in the 4.4 release branch.
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