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SMExport Suite v5.0

SMExport Suite v5.0 crack

The native Delphi components in this suite provide fast and direct data export into MS Excel, XML, HTML, SPSS, PDF and other formats from a DBGrid, Dataset or any VCL control! 

SMExport Suite v5.0

SMExport suite 4.99 is a set of component that export data from TDataSet or TDBGrid or any other VCL control (such as TStringGrid, TListView and so on) into such formats as Paradox (if using the BDE) and DBase tables or into a text file (fixed or comma-delimited), HTML, XML, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, MS Access, SQL-script, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, SYLK, DIF, LDAP DIF and other formats as described in the following table:

  Component name File format
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToXLS MS Excel directly without OLE
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToXLSX MS Excel 2007/2010 directly without OLE
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToExcelXML create xml-file supported by MS Excel
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToExcel using MS Excel as OLE-server
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToAccess use the DAO/MS Jet
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToWord using MS Word as OLE-server
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToWordX MS Word 2007/2010 directly without OLE
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToRTF RichText format (directly without OLE/DDE/RichText.dll)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToText Text files (fixed or comma-delimited types)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToHTML HTML file
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToXML XML file. Subset of TClientDataset format for save/load from XML is supported
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToJSON json file
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToPDF Adobe Acrobat PDF document
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToWKS Lotus 1-2-3 directly without OLE
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToQuattro QuattroPro directly without OLE
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToSYLK SYLK (Symbolic Link)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToDIF DIF (Data Interchange Format)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToLDIF LDAP Data Interchange Format (directory entries)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToSPSS SPSS file for statistical software and analysis
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToSQL SQL-script with data dump
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToBDE Paradox/DBase/ASCII files (BDE is required)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToDBF DBase tables (without BDE)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToADO ADO data source (without ADO VCL components)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToClipboard MS Windows clipboard with separated fields/columns
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToOpenOffice Open Office document (via OLE automation)
SMExport Suite v5.0 TSMExportToDataset copy a data into other dataset

Data specific format settings (such as column widths, colors, fonts, selected records etc.) are transferred where possible.
The SMExport components are native VCL engines with multi-language support.

Note that nearly every component above allows the user to select one of 3 possible actions after the export process has completed:

  • Return control to the form (no action taken after export)
  • Email the resulting file as an attachment
  • Open the file in the supported software package (such as Excel, Word, Access, etc.).

SMExport suite also contains a very useful wizard, the TSMEWizardDlg component, which is a self-contained wizard which guides end users in the exporting of any data at run-time via a user-friendly interface which assists with export parameter settings. This component gives your user total control over entire data export process via a few simple mouse clicks. Simply drop the component on a form and execute it on an appropriate button click (or other user action as you see fit).

Another useful compound component in the SMExport suite is the TSMExportMonitor component. This component activates a visual dialog for setting export parameters. Judicious us of this component enables you to programmatically control all data export processes in a single module and thus provide a flexible application for your end-users.

SMExport Suite v5.0

Custom data engines in SMExport suite allow you to export data from any VCL control (TStringGrid, TListView, TDecisionCube etc). Included is a virtual data engine which allows you to generate data in run-time that is not linked to any control. A number of custom third-party data sources are supported as well (DevExpress, TMS, DOA, IBObject, DBISAM etc)

The data pumping components in this suite allow you to export any number of tables from a database with just a few mouse clicks.

دلفی کامپوننت های بومی موجود در این سوئیت امکان اکسپورت کردن سریع و مستقیم داده ها از یک DBGrid Dataset ویا هر VCL control دلخواه به داخل فایل های MS Excel، XML، HTML، SPSS، PDF و دیگر فرمت ها را فراهم می کنند.

SMExport suite  مجموعه ای متشکل از کامپوننت هایی می باشد که داده ها را از TDataSet، TDBGrid ویا دیگر VCL control ها نظیر TStringGrid، TListView و غیره به داخل فرمت هایی نظیر Paradox، جداول Dbase، فایل های متنی، MS Excel، MS Word، PDF، MS Access، SQL-script، Lotus 1-2-3، Quattro و غیره اکسپورت می کنند.

در صورت امکان تنظیمات مختص داده ها – نظیر عرض ستون، رنگ ها، فونت ها، رکورد های انتخاب شده، و غیره – نیز انتقال می یابند.

کامپوننت های SMExport عبارتند از VCL engine های بومی به همراه پشتیبانی چند زبانه

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