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Stimulsoft Reports .NET 2017.1

Stimulsoft Reports .NET 2017.1 crack

Stimulsoft Reports.Net

Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based report generator which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports.

Reporting Tool for .NET Framework

Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based report generator which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports. Stimulsoft Reports.Net is delivered with source codes. All reports are created in the report designer with handy and user-friendly interface. You can use the report designer both at design time and runtime. No royalties for using the report designer at runtime are required. Using Stimulsoft Reports.Net you can create reports on the basis of various data sources. Created reports can be used both in Windows Forms and ASP.NET. Rendered report can be exported to: PDF, XPS, XML, HTML, Word, Excel, RTF, TXT, CSV, EMF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc. Stimulsoft Reports.Net is runtime royalty-free.

What can we say about our report engine?

When designing Stimulsoft Reports.Net started we tried to make the report engine maximally powerful and flexible. But real power and flexibility our report engine has acquired after we started receive and realize requests, suggestions and criticisms of our customers. Thanks to our customers the report generator has powerful and rich functionality. For report creation plenty of components such as simple text components and compound special components (Chart, Cross-Tab, Container and others) are available. Using Stimulsoft Reports.Net, many difficult in realization earlier tasks are getting available and understandable.

Stimulsoft Reports .NET 2017.1

What about the report designer?

We think that it is very important for the report designer to be quick and handy, because time amount spent for the report creation depends on it. That is why we make it more user-friendly. In our report designer, whole report is visually separated into pages in the report template. This allows you to see how elements will be placed on a page of a report. Our designer fully supports drag and drop. Full support of this technology allows you to speed up report creation. We have added plenty of wizards and editors to make changes of properties as easy as possible. Besides, in cooperation with our partners, we have fully translated the designer interface into 26 languages. This makes our customers' work easier. Also, to make the clients' work faster, special commands to create reports are available. We do not stop on what we reached and keep on making our report editor to be perfect!

Stimulsoft Reports .NET 2017.1

How does our report engine work with data?

Any report requires data for its work. What does the Stimulsoft Reports.Net offer for you? Our report engine supports all types of ADO.NET. Do you need to get data directly from data server? We support more than 15 types of data servers: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird etc. Do you store data in XML? Report engine can get data from XML files too. Do you need to use business objects? Stimulsoft Reports.Net can help you. You can use them as well as other data sources. There is no need for you to rack your brains over the question: how to prepare data for report rendering. Stimulsoft Reports.Net will do this work for you. Sorting, grouping, filtration, joining - all these actions can be done with your data before report rendering.

  Stimulsoft Reports .NET 2017.1

What we prepare for work with reports?

Work with ready reports is no less important than preparing a template for this report. We maximally improved this part of our product. You can view the report both in Win Forms and in Web Forms. Do you want to save rendered report into other format? It is also not a problem. Stimulsoft Reports.Net can save rendered reports into more than 30 file formats. Besides, you can save reports into the special internal format for viewing. Also our report generator offers you unique mode of editing of a rendered report directly in the Preview Window. If mode is not enough, you may use full power of the report designer. We had hard work to supply opportune navigation over a report. Hyperlinks, bookmarks, and thumbnails are available for you.

Stimulsoft Reports .NET 2017.1

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