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RegexBuddy v4.7.0

RegexBuddy v4.7.0 crack

RegexBuddy v4.7.0 + Crack

RegexBuddy is your perfect companion for working with regular expressions. Easily createregular expressions that match exactly what you want. Clearly understand complex regexes written by others. Quickly test any regex on sample strings and files, preventing mistakes on actual data. Debug without guesswork by stepping through the actual matching process. Usethe regex with source code snippets automatically adjusted to the particulars of your programming language. Collect and document libraries of regular expressions for future reuse. GREP (search-and-replace) through files and folders. Integrate RegexBuddy with your favorite searching and editing tools for instant access.

RegexBuddy 4.7.0 – 8 December 2016

New features:

  • Applications: boost::regex 1.38–1.39 & 1.42–1.62.
  • Aspects: $^N and $LAST_SUBMATCH_RESULT and ${^LAST_SUBMATCH_RESULT} may be replacement string backreferences to the highest numbered group that actually participated in the match.
  • Aspects: $LAST_PAREN_MATCH and ${^LAST_PAREN_MATCH} may be replacement string backreferences to the highest numbered group in the regex.
  • Aspects: $MATCH and ${^MATCH} may be replacement string tokens that insert the whole regex match.
  • Aspects: $POSTMATCH and ${^POSTMATCH} may be replacement string tokens that insert the part of the subject string to the right of the regex match.
  • Aspects: $PREMATCH and ${^PREMATCH} may be replacement string tokens that insert the part of the subject string to the left of the regex match.
  • Aspects: ?1yes:no?{1}yes:no and/or ?{name}yes:no may be replacement string conditionals.
  • Aspects: [:^alpha:] may be a negated POSIX class.
  • Aspects: [:h:] and [:v:] may be POSIX classes for horizontal and vertical whitespace.
  • Aspects: [:unicode:] and \p{Unicode} may match only characters represented by values >= 0x100 or >= 0x101 in the active encoding (code points >= U+0100 or >= U+0101 when using Unicode).
  • Aspects: \c in replacement strings may allow characters other than ASCII letters, taking either the last 5 bits to indicate the control character or flipping bit 0x40.
  • Aspects: \cA through \cZ and \ca through \cz may be control character escapes in replacement strings.
  • Aspects: \E may be a literal E when not preceded by \Q\L, or \U.
  • Aspects: \g<1>\g<-1>\g<name>\g'1'\g'-1', and \g'name' may be backreferences rather than subroutine calls.
  • Aspects: \h and \v may or may not match horizontal or vertical whitespace characters outside the active code page.
  • Aspects: \p{…} may not be supported inside characters even though it is supported outside character classes.
  • Aspects: \pd, \pl, \ps, \pu, and \pw may represent the POSIX classes "digit", "lower", "space", "upper", and "word".
  • Aspects: \Q…\\ may be an error at the end of the regex.
  • Aspects: \Q…\E may not be supported inside characters even though it is supported outside character classes.
  • Aspects: \R may or may not treat U+0085 (next line), U+2028 (line separator), and/or U+2029 (paragraph separator) as line break characters.
  • Aspects: \v may represent just the vertical tab inside character classes even when \v is a shorthand matching all vertical whitespace outside character classes.
  • Aspects: \x{FFFF} may only use the least significant byte of the hexadecimal number to match an 8-bit character.
  • Aspects: \Z may match before any number of trailing line breaks at the end of the string.
  • Aspects: Backreferences to a name shared by multiple named capturing groups may point to the rightmost group with that name that is to the left of the backreference.
  • Aspects: Boost has its own ideas about which characters are combining characters and which are not.
  • Aspects: Boost-style replacement string case conversion.
  • Aspects: Character class ranges that are not subsets of A-Z, a-z, or 0-9 may be an error or may not work correctly.
  • Aspects: Conditionals that check for recursion of non-existing named capturing groups may always match the "else" part rather than being an error.
  • Aspects: Lookbehind containing alternatives of different lengths may not be handled correctly.
  • Aspects: Mode modifier P may be ignored when it is the first mode modifier in the group even though P is not a valid mode modifier.
  • Aspects: Mode modifiers that turn off options in the middle of the regex may cause incorrect matches.
  • Aspects: Multiple negated shorthands in a character class may have the negated union of the regular shorthands added to the class instead of the union of the negated shorthands.
  • Aspects: Named capturing groups may or may not get numbers in explicit capture mode (which makes all unnamed groups non-capturing).
  • Aspects: Named capturing groups may or may not have a negative number as their name.
  • Aspects: Named capturing groups may or may not have names that start with a non-word character.
  • Aspects: Named capturing groups that have a number as their name may or may not support named backreferences using that number as the name.
  • Aspects: Named capturing groups that have a number as their name may support numbered backreferences using that number instead of having a separate numbered counted from left to right.
  • Aspects: Negated shorthands may add the regular shorthand's characters to the character class and then negate the entire character class instead of adding the negated shorthand's characters to the character class.
  • Aspects: Non-word-boundaries may or may not match at the start or end of the string when the first or last character in the string is not a word character.
  • Aspects: Quantifiers on mode modifiers may cause incorrect matches rather than being an error.
  • Aspects: Recursive calls with quantifiers other than * and {0,} may produce incorrect matches.
  • Aspects: Regex recursion may be atomic while subroutine calls are not atomic.
  • Aspects: Shorthands may be supported inside character classes even though the backslash is otherwise a literal inside character classes.
  • Aspects: Shorthands may be supported inside character classes even though they are not supported outside character classes.
  • Aspects: When negated shorthands negate the entire character class, two negated shorthands in the same character class may or may not cancel out the negation.
  • Aspects: Word boundaries \< and \> may recognize non-ASCII word characters in the active code page even when they do not support Unicode.
  • Create: Insert Token|Conditional.


  • Applications: PHP version numbers updated through 7.0.13 (no changes to regex flavors).
  • Applications: R 3.3.2 (no changes compared with 3.3.1).
  • Paste: Pasting a replacement from a Java or Groovy string now turns on the "string syntax" option if the pasted string contains character escapes.
  • Toolbar icons are now doubled up in size on systems using 200% or more display scaling making the small icons suitable for 200% display scaling and the large ones for 300% scaling.
  • Use: Java 7 and later source code template that includes functions for retrieving the matches of named capturing groups.
  • Windows 10: Mouse wheel scrolls the control pointed to by the mouse pointer instead of the control that has keyboard focus.

Bug fixes:

  • GREP: No error messages were added to the results for files that could not be overwritten during a search-and-replace that does not create backup copies (versions 4.0.0 through 4.6.1).
  • GREP: Undo and Delete Backup Files commands did not do anything other than falsely claiming that they did what they were supposed to do (versions 4.5.0 through 4.6.1 only).
  • Test: Capturing groups repeated between 0 and 1 times and containing nothing but an anchor were not matched correctly.
  • Test: Hexadecimal item in the context menu is now checked after restarting RegexBuddy when it has remembered a test subject in hexadecimal mode, allowing hexadecimal mode to be turned off by selecting that item once instead of having to select it twice.
  • Test: Regexes with non-capturing groups that contained only free whitespace and had a quantifier triggered an access violation.



RegexBuddy همراه کامل شما در زمینه ی کار با عبارات منطقی می باشد. ساخت عبارات منطقی متناسب با نیاز شما، فهمیدن آسان و واضح عبارات منطقی پیچیده نوشته شده توسط دیگران، استفاده از بلوک های انگلیسی در کنار یا به جای، عبارات منطقی استاندارد، تست سریع عبارات منطقی، افزودن عبارات منطقی به کدهای منبع C# ،VB.NET ،Java ،C ،C++ ،Delphi ،Perl ،PHP ،JavaScript و Python به صورت خودکار از قابلیت های این نرم افزاراست. به کمک این نرم افزار می توانید کتابخانه ایی از عبارات منطقی برای استفاده ی مجدد در آینده داشته باشید. این محصول به منظور دستیابی سریع شما با ابزارهای ویرایش و جستجوی مورد نظرتان هماهنگی دارد.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار RegexBuddy:
- ساخت عبارات منطقی متناسب با آنچه می خواهید
- قابلیت فهم آسان عبارات منطقی پیچیده نوشته شده توسط دیگران
- استفاده از regex در کدهای منبع نوشته با زبان های برنامه نویسی دلخواه شما 
- ساخت کتابخانه هایی از توابع منطقی برای استفاده ی مجدد در آینده 
- GREP در میان فایل ها و فولدرها 
- هماهنگی RegexBuddy یا ابزارهای ویرایش و جستجوی دلخواه شما 
- و ...

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