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Ashisoft Database Cleaner v1.4

Ashisoft Database Cleaner v1.4 crack

Ashisoft Database Cleaner v1.4 + Crack

Database Cleaner has been designed very carefully by a team of experts and professionals, who wanted to design a software which is not only easy to use by professionals, but for novice users as well, and they came up with Database Dedupecation Tool.

Supports: MS-Excel, CSV files, MySQL, MS-Sql Server, MS-Access, Flat Files


Deleting all duplicate rows manually may be a real headache when you have large lists containing thousands of rows, and you can never be certain that you've eliminated them all. The DB Cleaner does the job and you can be 100% sure that no duplicates are left unnoticed in your spreadsheets.


Database Cleaner has a unique feature which shows not only the duplicates records, but also shows entries which do not exist in the master list and give you the option to import only those records that does not already exist in the destination list.


Find and replace incorrect email addresses from your emailing list or from a database. Inaccurate data lead to losing out on potential business or customers. It not only finds the incorrect email ids but also give suggestions to correct them.


Your database list can contain irrelevant characters and double spaces. The Text Cleaner automates such tasks and wipe out all non-printing characters like line breaks, delete all digits, letters or special mathematical, currency and letter like symbols and punctuation marks.


There is no better way to ruin the personalization in a direct mail or e-mail campaign than poorly capitalized names; Name Case will correct names like Jean-marcs to Jean-Marcs, McdonaldS to McDonalds and jerald d'angelo to Jerald D'Angelo


Statistics helps in determining that which fields have missing data and filled data. Each field is scored and presented graphically so that you can focus on fields with the highest incidence of missing data.

Why Do I Need Database Cleaner

If your business has a customer list, mailing list, products or email lists in any database like MS-Access, MS-Sql Server, MySql, MS-Excel, CSV Files and Text Files, Database Cleaner ensures that all the duplicate records are removed and the data is cleaned and well formatted.

Use DB Cleaner for data cleaning and removing duplicate records. It has an intuitive interface that shows the modifications you are making in real time.

Ashisoft Database Cleaner v1.4

It's ideal for

  • Marketing Companies
  • Telemarketers
  • Training Organizations
  • School / College / Universities
  • Banking
  • Retail Business
  • Any business that has customer, mailing, products or email lists

If you manually attempt to do what it does which will not just consume a good deal of time, On the other hand, It can do the task for you and save upwards to 95% of your time, and that too with professionalism guaranteed.

Database Cleaner از طرف تیمی از متخصصان و افراد حرفه ای، که هدفشان ایجاد نرم افزاری قابل استفاده هم برای افراد حرفه ای و هم برای کاربران تازه کار بود، به دقت طراحی شده است.

برخی ویژگی ها و امکانات Database Cleaner:

  • حذف رکوردهای تکراری
  • تطبیق دادن دو Database List
  • تصحیح Email ID های نامعتبر
  • حذف چارت های نامطلوب
  • اصلاح Name Case
  • کشف داده های مفقود
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Download: 150
Visit: 859
Categories: Database

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