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Markdown Monster v1.6.8

Markdown Monster v1.6.8 crack

Markdown Monster v1.6.8 + Crack

Markdown Editing and Weblog Publishing on Windows

  •  Syntax colored Markdown
  •  Live HTML preview
  •  Inline spell checking
  •  Embed images, links and emoji
  •  Paste images from Clipboard
  •  Capture & embed screen shots
  •  Save to Html and Pdf
  •  Weblog publishing and editing
  •  HTML to Markdown conversion
  •  Editor and preview themes
  •  Vim and Emacs support
  •  Pandoc rendering & conversion
  •  Template text expansion
  •  .NET based scripting & addins

Better Markdown Editing for Windows

Markdown is everywhere these days and it's used for all sorts of different purposes. Wouldn't it be nice if you have an editor that can keep up with all of those scenarios?

Markdown Monster is a Markdown editor and viewer that lets you edit Markdown with syntax highlighting and fast text entry. A collapsible, synced, live preview lets you see your output as you type. You can easily embed images, links, emojis and code as text or by using our gentle UI helpers that simplify many operations. You can also paste and drag images directly into the editor. Inline spell-checking and word counts keep your content streamlined unobtrusively.

You can export Markdown to HTML by saving to disk or by copying Markdown selections as HTML directly to the clipboard. The HTML preview can display syntax colored code snippets for most common coding languages, and can easily be customized with HTML and CSS template to match your own sites. You can choose from a light and dark theme, and choose individual editor and preview themes. You can even use Vim or EMacs type conventions. Other convenience features let you browse for and select files in the built-in folder browser, jump to the current folder in Explorer or Terminal, commit to Git and more.


  •  Easy and fast Markdown editing
  •  Syntax colored Markdown text
  •  Live Preview while you type
  •  Inline spell checking
  •  Gentle toolbar support
  •  File and Folder Browser
  •  Easy image and link embedding
  •  Paste images from Clipboard
  •  Built in screen captures
  •  Import Html into Markdown
  •  Export Markdown to Html
  •  Dark and Light UI Themes
  •  Editor and Preview Theming
  •  Weblog publishing and editing
  •  Html Editing with Live Preview
  •  Integrated Folder Browser
  •  Expandable text templates
  •  Swappable Markdown Parsers (Markdig,Pandoc)
  •  Extensible with .NET Add-ins
  •  High DPI Support

ویرایش Markdown و نشر وبلاگ در ویندوز

  • ترکیب رنگی Markdown
  • پیش نمایش زنده HTML
  • تصحیح املای کلمات
  • قراردادن تصاویر، لینک ها و اموجی
  • امکان کپی عکس از کلیپ بورد
  • گرفتن و تولید اسکرین شات
  • ذخیره به عنوان HTML و PDF
  • نشر و ویرایش وبلاگ
  • تبدیل HTML به Markdown
  • ویرایش و نمایش تم ها
  • پشتیبانی از Vim و Emacs
  • رندر و تبدیل Pandoc
  • گسترش متن الگو
  • اسکریپ و addin های مبتنی بر .NET
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