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RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1 crack

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1 + Crack

RapidDesign is a Visual Studio extension. Thanks to RapidDesign working with Visual Studio is much faster and more pleasant.

RapidDesign consists of two very powerful tools that help you focus on you goal and forget all about mindless browsing through the toolbox and property grid. RapidDesign is great for new users and also for power users that like to use the mouse and keyboard to the fullest. Working with RapidDesign makes you discover Visual Studio designers once again.

RapidDesign tools

RapidDesign consists of two tools:

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1

Quick-Access Toolbox


RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1

Property grid search


Property grid search lets you find a property or event in just a few keystrokes. It places itselt right above the property grid. You can select it with your mouse or by pressing (ALT + Space).

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1


As soon as the property grid search is selected, it displays all the modified properties of events of the active component. This feature helps you find out which of the properties have actually been changed, to quickly understand the component behaviur.

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1


As soon as you type, all of the properties that match your search string are displayted. You can immediately select them in the property grid by pressing the Enter key or by clicking the match with your mouse. After the match have been selected, you can immediately set the property value, or hooko up an event handler. If the property has a custom editor, you can open it with your keyboard by pressing F4.

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1


The property grid search helps you to discover properties that you don’t really know. For example if you would like to examine all properties regarding a control style, you might type “style” in the search box and all properties with the string “style” in its name would have been found.

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1


You can event type property names by using Pascal notation. For example if you type FC, the property ForeColor would have been found.

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1


By using the property grid search window you can even search for events. You can press Alt + Space to switch between properties and events.

RapidDesign for WinForms v2.0.1


Please note that property grid search works from anywhere in Visual Studio but only with the classical property grid, commonly used within Visual Studio. Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight designers present a different property grid, which already has a filter bar.

Quick-Access Toolbox

Quick-Access Toolbox is a toolbox window opened like a context menu, right above the design surface of the Windows Forms or ASP.NET designer. You open it by pressing and holding the mouse wheel, or keyboard hot-key "Alt + `".

You can specify what controls should be displayed in the Quick-Access Toolbox. It event lets you group controls into control sets and display different control sets when you hold a different key (like Shift, Control, Tab).

Quick-Access Toolbox can present controls in two different ways:

  • Controls in a circle - it's the fastest way of choosing a control and it works really well if the number of controls is small. You have to move your mouse very little from the center to select the desired control.

  • Controls in a grid - it's a clean presentation even if there are many controls to show.

  • RapidDesing can automatically change the look of Quick-Access Toolbox based on the number of controls to show.

Quick-Access Toolbox is higly configurable. You can choose which controls do you want to access with it. You can create, modify and delete control sets associated with a modifier key. You can even choose controls from third party assemblies, and controls from referenced projects.

رپید دیزاین یک افزونه ویژوال استودیو است. به لطف رپید دیزاین حالا کار با ویژوال استودیو سریعتر و لذتبخش تر است.

RapidDesign تشکیل شده از دو ابزار قدرتمند است که کمک میکنند تا روی هدفتان تمرکز کنید و دیگر جستجوهای بیهوده در property و toolbox را فراموش کنید. رپید دیزاین یک ابزار عالی هم برای کاربران مبتدی و هم برای کاربران حرفه ای که می خواهند نهایت بهره را از موس و کیبورد را ببرند می باشد. کار با RapidDesign باعث می شود designer های ویژوال استودیو را دوباره کشف کنید.

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