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StarUML v3.1.0 (06 Mar 2019)

StarUML v3.1.0 (06 Mar 2019) crack

StarUML v3.1.0 (06 Mar 2019) + Crack


StarUML 2 is compatible with UML 2.x standard and supports totally 11 kinds of UML diagrams: Class, Object, Use Case, Component, Deployment, Composite Structure, Sequence, Communication, Statechart, Activity and Profile Diagram.

ERD Support

You can create Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD). ERD is one of the most frequently used diagram for database modeling. Our ERD is based on crow’s foot notation which is much easier and readable than Chan’s notation.

Fast Modeling

Creating elements and connecting them are somewhat tedious tasks. StarUML 2 supports many shorthands in Quick Edit to create elements and relationships at once such as sub-classes, supporting interfaces, etc.

Retina Display Support

StarUML 2 supports Retina (High-DPI) Display. All diagrams, texts and icons are razor sharp. You can also get diagrams as the high-dpi bitmap images (PNG and JPEG).

Extension Manager

You can easily find and install extensions via Extension Manager from official extension registry or Github repositories. Many extensions are open source and hosted on Github. Fork one and make your own. 
(Extensions on Github)

Model-Driven Development

StarUML stores models in a very simple JSON (Javascript Object Notation) format. It can be used easily to generate custom codes using user-defined templates. Using mdgen, an commmand-line tool for custom code generation based on EJS (Embedded Javascript) templates.

Code Engineering

StarUML supports major programming languages including Java, C#, and C++. You can generate source codes from your models or build a model from source code by reverse engineering. Extensions providing code engineering can be installed via Extension Manager. Source codes are available in Github. (JavaC#C++)

Open APIs

Anyone can write extensions using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Node.js. Open APIs allows to add Menus, UI, Dialogs, even your own modeling languages including metamodels, notations, and validation rules.

Asynchronous Model Validation

A lot of UML model validation rules have defined for StarUML and the rules are checked asynchronously whenever you save or open your model files.

Publish HTML Docs

Do you need to share your models with many analysts, archiects, and developers? It's easy to do that by just publishing HTML Docs. The generated HTML docs can be viewed with most of web browsers.

PDF Export for Clean Printing

Supports exporting diagrams to PDF for clean printing. You can select page layout (portrait or landscape) and page sizes (B5, B4, A3, A4, Letters, etc.). You can also export all diagrams at once.

Markdown Support

Using markdown extension, you can use markdown syntax to edit element's documentation with support of markdown syntax highlighting and preview.

StarUML 2 سازگار با استاندارد UML 2.x بوده و در کل از 11 نوع دیاگرام UML پشتیبانی می کند: Class، Object، Use Case، Component، Deployment، Composite Structure، Sequence، Communication، Statechart، Activity و Profile Diagram.

برخی ویژگی ها و امکانات StarUML 2

  • به کمک StarUML 2 می توانید دیاگرام های Entity-Relationship ایجاد کنید.
  • StarUML 2 جهت ایجاد همزمان element ها و relationship ها نظیر sub-class ها، supporting interface ها و غیره از بسیاری از shorthand ها در Quick Edit پشتیبانی می کند.
  • StarUML 2 از صفحه نمایش رتینا – High-DPI – پشتیبانی می کند.
  • شما می توانید توسط Extension Manager از رجیستری رسمی اکستنشن ویا مخازن Github، اکستنشن ها را پیدا کرده و آنها را نصب کنید.
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