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Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK v3.1.0.1715 (18 Jul 2018)

Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK v3.1.0.1715 (18 Jul 2018) crack

Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK v3.1.0.1715 (18 Jul 2018) + Crack

Add the functionality to read and write data from/to
Excel XLSXLSX, CSV documents
 to your desktop and web-applications


  • Excel is not required (the library uses its own custom engine to efficiently read, write and calculate spreadsheets. In addition Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended, non-interactive client application or component (including ASP, ASP.NET, DCOM, and NT Services) (see Microsoft’s KB #257757 for more information);
  • Provides a clean and simple excel API to read and write Excel files;
  • Creates a spreadsheet with .NET code compatible with different security modes of ASP.NET web-servers
  • Mono .NET Framework compatible;
  • Comes with comprehensive documentation (150+ source code samples for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic 6, ASP Classic);
  • Includes .NET, ActiveX and command line (console) interfaces so it can be used from different environments;
  • Royalty-free licensing: no additional run-time licenses or run-time fees.


Technical details:

  • Exports to PDF without any other libraries required;
  • Reads from CSV, XLS (Office 97-2010), XLSX (Office 2007-2010) and ODS (Open Office Calc);
  • Reads from HTML, TXT, XML formats;
  • Supports formula calculations (standard functions, add-in formulas like XIRR);
  • Supports Visual C#, Visual Basic.NET, and ASP.NET;
  • Works with Cells, columns, rows, worksheets;
  • Supports Unicode;
  • Supports 12 chart types;
  • Supports cells formatting (font, color, border style, alignment);
  • Capable of changing existing Excel documents (change data and save modified document, add or remove rows, columns);
  • Exports XLS into CSV, TXT, HTML and XML, PDF;
  • Can import data from dataset and export data to dataset;
  • Reads Excel files into dataset: how to read data from XLS Excel document into dataset);
  • Converts spreadsheets from the command line or .bat command files using Spreadsheet SDK Console version. Click here for details;
  • Can handle most of incorrect formula values while calculating;
  • Comes with CSV to XLS samples.

Solutions for managers:

  • Generate consumption reports and share them within your network if you’re working in POS industry;
  • In Healthcare industry, it creates reports which can be effortlessly imparted to others – with no other spreadsheet programming needed;
  • For Insurancecreate reports that may be passed fast among other people – you don’t need a separate spreadsheet software installed;
  • In Banking industry, you can create monetary (or other) reports which can be easily transmitted to others – with no other spreadsheet programmingadded;
  • In Automative industry, you can make your intermittent budgetary, efficiency or provider reports using the Spreadsheet SDK;
  • For AI, use our Spreadsheet SDK to process all information into different extensions (eg. XML, CSV, JSON), whichever suits your learning calculations the most;
  • In Financial Technologies, you can compose the gathered information into an alluring configuration from Excel spreadsheets to CSV or JSON.


ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK changes history

* - bug fixed
+ - implemented feature
= - changed or improved
! - important information
----------------------------------------- (April 09, 2018)
+ Added `CustomFunctionsCallback` allowing to implement custom functions for cell formulas.
See "Custom Functions" source code example for demonstration.
- Fixed parsing of references of form "'sheetName'!cellAddress:'sheetName'!cellAddress".
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements. (January 22, 2018)
= Improved export to PDF.
+ Added property Worksheet.PageSetup.FitToPage.
+ Added property Worksheet.PageSetup.PrintGridLines.
+ Added properties GridLinesColorEnabled and GridLineColor to Worksheet.ViewOptions. (November 8, 2017)
- Fixed crash on saving XLS document containing `doughnut` chart.
- Fixed bug with saving formulas in XLSX format.
- Fixed crash on saving XLSM with controls.
+ Added parameter to force quotation when saving to delimiter-separated formats (CSV, TXT).
= Improved support of ODS format.
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

اضافه کردن قابلیت انجام عملیات خواندن و نوشتن اسناد اکسل XLS, XLSX, CSV به اپلیکیشن های تحت دسکتاپ و وب.

مزایا :

  • نیازی به اکسل ندارد. (این کتابخانه از موتور داخلی برای خواندن، نوشتن و محاسبه صفحات گسترده استفاده میکند.)
  • از یک API ساده و تمیز برای خواندن و نوشتن فایلهای اکسل استفاده میکند.
  • ساخت صفحات گسترده با کدهای .NET سازگار با حالت های امنیتی مختلف وب سرورهای NET
  • سازگار با Mono .NET Framework
  • همراه با اسناد جامع (بیش از 150 عدد سمپل source code برای C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic 6, ASP Classic )
  • شامل اینترفیس های .NET ، ActiveX و command line (console) بنابراین در محیط های مختلف قابل استفاده است.
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