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xlCompiler v3.1

xlCompiler v3.1 crack

xlCompiler v3.1 + Crack

Convert Book to Application

xlCompiler creates Windows Application from your Excel workbook. Workbook is converted into fast and efficient binary code. You can use full power of the spreadsheet inside your model.

Protect your privacy

The most effective way to protect your Excel workbook for distribution - is to convert it to binary executable. xlCompiler creates application file which has all formulas and macros converted into machine code.

Excel is not required

xlCompiler is a unique product which creates completely stand-alone Windows Application. This is true Spreadsheet Compiler. Created EXE doesn't depend on Excel or other software.


More than just a Spreadsheet

xlCompiler is powerful and flexible way to create different types of applications. Your customers will not know that application was created from Excel workbook.

Speed up your model

Compiled application runs much faster then original workbook. This is the result of conversion and optimizations done by xlCompiler.

Rich set of Components

There is no Development Environment on the market, which provides you same set of components as xlCompiler has. You should not order and use third-party modules.

Why xlCompiler?

Formulas and VBA macros are stored in the compiled binary format. They are not accessible to users and there is no way to do reverse ingeneering. You need to protect formulas and code, to deploy your solution to customers. xlCompiler is a perfect and easy way to do it. There is no way to get original workbook from compiled application.

Options to activate your file on the customer's PC. With xlCompiler you can add to your workbook:
  • End User License Agreement
  • Activation Key Protection
Application could be signed with Code Signing Certificate. Why do you need this? Now Code Signing is an important feature. If your application is not signed it will be blocked for download by browsers, anti-virus applications, etc. Code signing is possible on with xlCompiler! Other applications create EXE which could be overwritten, in this case signature will be destroyed on the first Save operation.

Create customizable Ribbon UI. xlCompiler gives you quick and easy way to use Ribbon Interface in your application. Ribbon is created and managed by VBA code, which gives you huge flexibility.
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