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Apex True dBgrid Pro v6.0e

Apex True dBgrid Pro v6.0e crack

Apex True dBgrid Pro v6.0e

About True DBGrid Pro

Add powerful data bound grids to your application.

True DBGrid Pro allows end users to browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format. True DBGrid Pro completely manages the database interface, allowing developers to concentrate on important application-specific tasks. True DBGrid Pro can also be used in unbound or storage mode with a programmer's own data source. True DBGrid Pro allows end-users to browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format. True DBGrid includes dozens of advanced data access, data presentation, and UI features.

True DBGrid Pro Features:

Additional 3D effects New 3D effects allow mouse-over elements to take on a 3D appearance.

Automatic column sizing The new SpringMode allows you to keep your data viewable by resizing columns proportionally whenever the grid is resized horizontally.

Multiple lines per record The cells in a single record can now span multiple lines, making all columns visible.

Alternating row formats Enhances the readability of the grid's display by applying different styles to even and odd numbered rows.

Built-in data-aware drop-down list box The TDBDropDown control included with True DBGrid Pro 8.0 can be bound to a different data control than the grid or used in unbound mode. It also supports incremental search.

Data-sensitive display Control the color and font of a cell based on its contents. For example, negative numbers can be displayed in red.

Flexible unbound modes Supports any data source accessible in Visual Basic, including arrays, text files, or proprietary database formats.

AutoDropdown and AutoCompletion properties These new properties simplify data entry by reducing the number of keystrokes needed for dropdown selection.

Support for Windows2000 COM Redirection This feature gives you the ability to certify your application for Windows 2000.

Row-oriented formatting Complements per-cell formatting by providing efficient control of fonts, colors, and styles on a per-row basis.

Array-based storage mode The XArrayDB object included with True DBGrid Pro 8.0 works just like a Visual Basic array, but also acts as a data source for the grid. No unbound events to code.

Excel-like splits Divide the grid into multiple vertical panes to provide distinct views of your data. Splits can scroll independently, simultaneously, or not at all.

Automatic data translation Supports automatic translation of data field values for display. For example, you can display 0, 1, 2 as Yes, No, Maybe.

Fixed, non-scrolling columns The fixed columns can be anywhere in the grid (at right, left, or anywhere in the middle).

Interactive design-time visual editing Allows programmers to configure the grid layout at design time without writing a single line of code.

Display format masking Fully supports the Visual Basic Format$ function when displaying text in a cell.

Per-object customization Most grid layout and formatting features can be controlled at both design time and run time, and can be applied to the grid as a whole or to individual splits, columns, and cells.

Excel- and Word-like styles This familiar model facilitates easy customization of grid layout and appearance at design time and run time.

100% DBGrid compatibility Provides all of the features and benefits of DBGrid and previous versions of True DBGrid.

Split headers Splits can now have their own caption bars.

Annotated in-cell graphics Permits combined usage of in-cell graphics, check boxes, radio buttons, and text.

Add-in grid Design Assistant Automates repetitive tasks, facilitates column and split configuration, and enables per-column color and font customizations that would otherwise require coding.

Complete programmer control All grid and database operations can be controlled by the programmer.

Free run-time distribution Allows applications developed with True DBGrid Pro 8.0 to be distributed with no royalty fees.

Crosstab With the Crosstab feature, you can easily create a matrix-like presentation where multiple columns represent values of a single database column...and do it without writing complex code! For example, you can have 12 columns for months with monthly figures in cells, bound to a table where each monthly figure is stored in a separate row. This feature is made possible with the True DataControl Lite add-in that is included with True DBGrid Pro 8.0.

OLAP (decision support) You can now add decision support to your applications without relying on external tools and without losing any of the customization and other features of True DBGrid Pro 8.0! OLAP allows your end-users to explore data in different projections and hierarchies. They can interactively choose and reorder the dimensions in which data are represented and summarized. Our OLAP feature is a distinct improvement over existing OLAP choices because you no longer have to rely on external tools to add OLAP functionality to your applicationsyou can continue to use True DBGrid Pro, with its familiar object model. Additionally, True DBGrid Pro is fully customizable and programmable in OLAP mode, as it is in all other modes. You can make your OLAP solutions look and feel like other aspects of your application so that your users won't need to learn additional tools and user interfaces. Like the new Crosstab feature, OLAP is made possible with the True DataControl Lite add-in that is included with True DBGrid Pro 8.0

Enhanced Master-Detail presentation with fully editable, dropdown hierarchical views You can now view child data records from within the master table with the click of a mouse.

Excel-style cell selection In addition to selecting rows and columns, True DBGrid Pro 8.0 now allows you to select any range of cells.

Rich scrolling capabilities True DBGrid Pro 8.0 includes Scroll Tracking and Scroll Tips, which allow you to track the location of your scroll bar and give users an informational pop-up as the scroll bar moves.

Additional display modes You can present data in useful formats: Form View repositions data in a standard "form" that can be modified as needed, and Inverted Mode repositions rows as columns to provide a convenient "read down" format.

Customizable row and column borders This feature lets you alter the appearance of a cell by creating a border.

Tag property This property allows you to attach any type of object to a column.

Even better keyboard navigation Control the relative position of the next cell, by using the new DirectionAfterEnter property, when users press the Enter key.

More print options True DBGrid Pro 8.0 includes enhanced print options, such as additional zoom and print preview capabilities, to give you full control over printing.

Bi-directional language support True DBGrid Pro includes support for both right-to-left and left-to-right languages.

FilterBar data entry row Implement custom end-user operations, such as incremental search and recordset filtering, with an easy-to-use interface.

Native integration with True DataControl Instantly add powerful data access and manipulation capabilities!

Expanded Styles Expanded styles in True DBGrid Pro 8.0 let you customize row, column and cell borders using new appearance, size, color, and type properties.

Automatic grid cell translation to True DBDropDown values Connect a TDBDropDown control to a table containing a value and representation. The dropdown will automatically map the representation to the value.

Outlook-Style Grouping Dynamically reordering or grouping of grid columns.

Animation The animation properties allow you to control the style, duration, and direction of an animation affect when the DropDown, In-Cell Combo, or Cell Tips are opened and closed. NOTE: These properties are only available in Windows 98 and NT 5.0.

BatchUpdate True DBGrid Pro 8.0 (OLE DB only). This property allows the user to explicitly specify that the grid must or must not call update.

Native ADO and OLE DB support True DBGrid Pro 8.0 contains two OCX controls, an ICursor version (for connecting to the Microsoft Remote Data Control and the VB5 and VB6 intrinsic data controls), and an OLE DB version (for connecting to OLE DB and ADO compatible data sources, such as the ADO data control included in VB6). The two OCXs are functionally identical, differing only in the data access methods supported.

Multi-column sorting and searching An enhanced XArray object allows multi-column sorting and searching using up to ten columns as sort keys.

Auto Sizing True DBGrid Pro 8.0 will allow you to specify auto-sizing for a specific column or split in code.

Merge contiguous like-valued cells True DBGrid Pro gives you the ability to merge like-valued cells of a column into a single cell.

OLE drag and drop Drag and drop content from an application to the grid.

OwnerDrawCell Render graphics and text in grid cells using Windows API functions.

Enhanced styles Background and transparent bitmaps can be displayed within the cells of a grid, split, or column.

Attach bitmaps Bitmaps can be attached to headers, footers, and record selectors.

Asynchronously downloadable layouts Initialize True DBGrid Pro on an HTML page.

Unbound columns Supports unbound columns while other columns are bound.

Standard Windows push button display and event handling True DBGrid Pro 8.0 permits event handling for push button display of column headers, footers, and data cells.

Per-row, per-column, per-cell refresh and refetch methods These methods allow you to repaint or refetch data for an individual cell, column, or row.

In-cell editing using an external OCX Use an external OCX as the grid's in-cell editor.

Tree view property pages It is easy to view, navigate, and edit True DBGrid Pro properties for the grid, as well as its splits, columns, and style collections.

AutoDropDown property True DBDropDown or the built-in combo can be set to open automatically when the user types into a cell.

Export to HTML files True DBGrid Pro can be used in server-side applications to display formatted tables containing query result sets.

Migration Utility Migrate projects from the True DBGrid Pro 7.0, True DBGrid Pro 6.0, True DBGrid Pro 5.0, True DBGrid 4.0, or DBGrid to True DBGrid Pro 8.0.

Reusable grid layouts Grid layouts can be saved to a file, then reused in other projects. Multiple layouts can be stored in a single grid at design time, then loaded as needed in code. End-user layout preferences can also be saved to a file, then recalled the next time the application is run.

Input masking Input templates similar to Visual Basic format strings can be assigned to columns in order to reduce end-user data entry errors.

Drop-down multiline text editor Optionally drop down a multiple line text control for editing large fields in a cell.

Drop down any control from a cell Supports arbitrary drop-down controls, including combo boxes, list boxes, or any third-party control.

Drag and drop cell contents Supports drag-and-drop operations on a per-row or per-cell basis.


درباره نرم افزار Apex True dBgrid Pro

نرم افزار Apex True dBgrid Pro، صفحات دیتا باند قدرتمندی را به برنامه کاربردی شما اضافه می کند.

True DBGrid Pro امکان مرور، ویرایش، افزودن و حذف داده ها را در قالب جدول در اختیار کاربر نهایی قرار می دهد. True DBGrid Pro رابط دیتابیس را کاملاً مدیریت می کند و توسعه دهندگان را قادر می سازد بر کارهای مهم مختص برنامه کاربری متمرکز گردند. همچنین True DBGrid Pro در حالت نامحدود یا حالت ذخیره سازی و با منبع داده خود برنامه نویس قابل استفاده است. این نرم افزار دیتا اکسس، ارائه داده و ویژگی های UI پیشرفته ای را ارائه می دهد.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار True DBGrid:

  • دارای افکت های سه بعدی اضافی
  • قابلیت سایزبندی خودکار ستون ها
  • قابلیت دارا بودن چندین خط در هر سند
  • دارای فرمت های خام متناوب
  • دارای لیست باکس داخلی دراپ داون داده آگاه
  • دارای قابلیت نمایش حساس به داده
  • دارای حالت های نامحدود انعطاف پذیر
  • دارای ویژگی دراپ داون خودکار و تکمیل خودکار
  • پشتیبانی از Windows2000 COM Redirection
  • دارای قالب بندی ردیفی
  • دارای حالت ذخیره سازی آرایه ای
  • دارای اسپلیت های مشابه با اکسل
  • قابلیت ترجمه خودکار داده ها
  • دارای ستون های ثابت و بدون اسکرول کردن
  • قابلیت ویرایش تصویری تعاملی طراحی-زمان
  • قابلیت نمایش ماسک گذاری قالب
  • قابلیت سفارشی سازی تمام آبجکت ها
  • دارای استایل های مشابه با Excel و Word
  • سازگاری کامل با DBGrid
  • دارای هدر برای اسپلیت ها
  • دارای قابلیت تصویر گذاری در سلول به همراه زیرنویس
  • دارای دستیار طراحی صفحه داخلی
  • قابلیت کنترل کامل برنامه نویس
  • قابلیت توزیع آنی آزاد
  • دارای جدول بندی متقاطع
  • قابلیت پردازش تحلیلی آنلاین OLAP (پشتیبانی از تصمیم گیری)
  • ارائه پیشرفته به همراه ویوهای کاملاً ویرایش پذیر و سلسله مراتبی دراپ داون
  • قابلیت انتخاب سلول به سبک اکسل
  • قابلیت های اسکرولینگ غنی
  • دارای حالت های نمایش اضافی
  • دارای بوردرهای قابل تنظیم ردیف و ستون
  • قابلیت تگ گذاری
  • قابلیت کنترل بسیار بهتر با کیبورد
  • دارای آپشن های بیشتر برای پرینت
  • پشتیبانی از زبان دوسویه
  • دارای ردیف ورود داده های FilterBar
  • قابلیت یکپارچه سازی با DataControl
  • دارای استایل های گسترده
  • قابلیت ترجمه خودکار سلول صفحه به مقادیر True DBDropDown
  • قابلیت گروه بندی به سبک نرم افزار Outlook
  • قابلیت کنترل کامل بر انیمیشن
  • قابلیت به روز رسانی گروهی
  • پشتیبانی از ADO و OLE DB
  • قابلیت دسته بندی و جستجوی چند ستونه
  • قابلیت سایزبندی خودکار
  • قابلیت ادغام سول های هم ارزش مجاور
  • قابلیت کشیدن و رها کردن OLE
  • دارای قابلیت OwnerDrawCell
  • دارای استایل های پیشرفته
  • قابلیت ضمیمه سازی بیت مپ ها
  • دارای طرح های قابل دانلود
  • دارای ستون های نامحدود
  • قابلیت نمایش پوش باتون استاندارد ویندوز و مدیریت رویدادها
  • قابلیت تازه سازی بر اساس ردیف، ستون و سلول
  • قابلیت ویرایش درون سلول با استفاده از OCX خارجی
  • قابلیت نمایش درختی صفحات
  • دارای قابلیت AutoDropDown یا همان دراپ داون خودکار
  • قابلیت اکسپورت به فایل های HTML
  • قابلیت مهاجرت به نرم افزارهای دیگر
  • دارای طرح های صفحه با قابلیت استفاده مجدد
  • دارای قابلیت ماسک گذاری ورودی
  • دارای ویرایشگر متن چند خطی دراپ داون
  • دارای قابلیت دراپ داون کردن تمام کنترل ها از یک سلول
  • دارای قابلیت کشیدن و رها کردن محتوای سلول
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