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DbNetCopy API v1.1.4787

DbNetCopy API v1.1.4787 crack

DbNetCopy provides a quick and easy way to copy information between different types of databases. DbNetCopy includes a GUI application that is ideal for one off transfer of data and also an API .Net assembly that allows custom solutions to be created.

  • Supports the following databases: SQL ServerSQL Server CompactOracleExcel,AccessMySqlDB2Visual FoxProdBASEParadoxPervasiveFirebird,SQLiteVistaDB and Postgresql.
  • Simple to use. Just create a connection string for your 2 data sources and copy data in either direction.
  • .Net control with documented API allows you to embed DbNetCopy capabilities into your own application.
  • Support for native .Net data providers
  • Selectively copy individual columns
  • Add missing rows in target table
  • Update existing rows in target table
  • Convert encodings as part of the transfer process
  • Full summary report of all changes
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