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Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 8 2013.3 1127 with Source

Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 8 2013.3 1127 with Source crack

Become more productive with 50 components, 10 cloud-powered controls, 50+ design templates and a wide range of capabilities to complement the stock UI Toolbox. Engage deeper with your end-users, earn more ratings and ultimately achieve better app’s ranking on the marketplace implementing the Telerik building blocks for Windows Phone. RadControls for Windows Phone 8 are designed to shorten your app time to market. They are chosen by publishers with top selling and award winning apps. 

The first ever cloud-powered UI controls for Windows Phone

Telerik is the first UI controls vendor to deliver cloud-powered controls built from the ground up for Windows Phone development. The controls are integrated with our own cloud service – Everlive and support multiple scenarios such as User Registration and Login, also Picture Upload, Browsing, Sharing and much more. You have to no longer reinvent the wheel when building and deploying an app. Instead, you can focus on building elegant apps that are intuitive for end users. By providing you with drag and drop experience, RadControls minimize the time of connecting to back end from days to minutes.

Cloud Data Sync with Offline Support

 RadControls is the only Windows Phone toolset to offer Cloud Data Synchronization out-of-the-box, helping you easily build fully functional apps in both online and offline mode. The Cloud Data Sync mechanism allows you to store Cloud objects in the local storage of your device and makes sure that both local and Cloud storages are in sync. The mechanism is integrated with Telerik’s own Cloud Service, codenamed Everlive. Any data changes made during an offline phase are properly tracked by the mechanism and once the connection is available, the data is synchronized with the server. No need to manage a local database and spend days developing a synchronization mechanism by yourself – our Cloud Data Sync with Offline Support does all the heavy-lifting for you.

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