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EzTools WOW.NET ver 2

EzTools WOW.NET ver 2 crack


WOW.NET is the most complete WebBrowser implementation available on the market.  Now you can have all of the features of the original ActiveX WOW control you know and love but in a pure .NET assembly and a HUGE number of new features.  Of course, we still have the original window.external.RaiseEvent functions, and you can set your own [ComVisible] .NET objects to be the window.external object so you can call your object's methods and properties directly from your webpage.  The download includes examples.

WOW.NET is a C# .NET 2.0 control that creates, hosts and sinks the events of the original Webbrowser control (Not .NET or any other wrapper). Advanced customization and total control over the Webbrowser control are achieved via implementation of a number of interfaces, along with the addition of many methods, properties and events. The control has no dependencies on MSHTML interop. All of the interfaces, enums and structs are defined within the project.

Here are some of the features of this control:

  • Can easily be extended by adding other interfaces and methods, unlike .NET or any other Webbrowser wrapper
  • All the basics expected from a Webbrowser wrapper are implemented. Setting/getting UI, and DL control flags. Handling of context menus, keyboard, registry, security manager, script errors, popups, authentication, security problems, font size, message boxes
  • Stop dialogs launched using showModelessDialog() and showModalDialog() JavaScript methods
  • Monitor all HTTP and HTTPS request and response headers with the opportunity to add your own headers. This includes images, sounds, scripts, etc.
  • Built in HTMLDocument and HTMLWindow events
  • Frameset aware. All the relevant routines check for frames
  • Full drag and drop support
  • Refresh begin and end events
  • Create and resolve Internet shortcuts using IShellLink interface
  • Load HTML content specifying BaseURL
  • Added functionality to use the control as an MSHTML editor
  • MSHTML as a UI-less HTML parser helper class


This is a basic class derived from Control class. It overrides a number of Control methods in order to create, host and dispose the Webbrowser control. In addition, it handles resize events and forwards keyboard, focus, refresh and visibility events to the hosted Webbrowser control.

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