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ApexSQL Log API 2013.01

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 crack

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01  Audit schema and data changes directly from your .NET application

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01  Get direct granular control of SQL Server log reading

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01  Create custom change management and auditing solutions

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01  Include change management and reporting in your end-user solutions

Database auditing

Add schema and data auditing capabilities to your applications using our transaction log reading API

Transaction log decoding

Expose the information stored in the transaction log in a humanly readable format


Find out exactly when and how an accident occurred as well as details on who was involved


Schedule completely unattended auditing

Analysis and reporting

Bundle your application with powerful reporting capabilities, document the changes in your environments

Disaster recovery

Reverse inadvertent or malicious database changes that occurred even before the product was installed. Replay all valid SQL transactions on a different database

Point-in-time restores

Recover from specific data loss/damage without relying on full database restores

Capture login information

Identify users by their SQL or Windows login

Information drill-down

Isolate specific transactions by user, date, object, change type, and more

Survey security

Track permissions changes and trigger state



ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Audit without installing server side components  ApexSQL Log API 2013.01


Audit local databases without adding any components to the SQL Server instance


ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Windows 8.1 support  ApexSQL Log API 2013.01


ApexSQL Log 2013 fully supports Windows 8.1


ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Operational undo and redo

Generate SQL scripts to replay or roll back the audited operations

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Compressed backup auditing

Use natively compressed database and transaction log backups as auditing sources

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 SQL Server 2012 support

Read transaction logs created in SQL Server 2012. Restore SQL Server 2012 objects and data. Audit and undo changes made on FileTables, sequences, and columnstore indexes

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 FIPS support

Audit database changes on FIPS compliant systems

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Compressed tables support

Capture changes made on tables with page and row compression

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Support for additional SQL Server objects, types and operations

Audit and undo changes made on SPARSE columns, vardecimal data or by SELECT INTO operations

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Passive auditing

Leverage the comprehensive auditing information already contained within the transaction log for virtually zero-overhead auditing

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Transaction log backup support

Read not just the online log or detached LDFs but transaction log backups too

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Sophisticated reporting

Export the auditing results to HTML, CSV, XML, or SQL

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Information filtering

Display only the transactions that meet the filter criteria that you specify

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Operation details

View granular details for every operation and transaction recorded in the transaction log

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Unattended execution

Process SQL Server transaction logs unattended during off peak hours, minimizing overhead

ApexSQL Log API 2013.01 Support for all SQL Server versions

Read transaction logs created in SQL Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005, and 2000

بررسی تمام تغییرات انجام شده بر روی Data و schema بانک اطلاعاتی SQL Server از برنامه .Net شما !
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Rate : 3.0/5 based on 43
Download: 130
Visit: 1,954
Categories: Database / .Net

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