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ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 crack

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02  Compare and synchronize directly from a custom application

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02  Create remote database installations royalty free

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02  Schedule and automate customized change management

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02  Include difference reporting in your client application

Comparison and synchronization modules 

Add schema and data comparison and synchronization capabilities to your applications

Support for multiple data source types

Compare live databases, backups, snapshots, scripts and databases under source control


Pinpoint discrepancies, inadvertent and malicious changes, missing and damaged objects and data, and immediately resolve those issues

Source control integration 

Integrate your application with version control, deploying a specific database version or label directly to or from source control

Selective comparison 

Specify comparison criteria. Compare or ignore specific object attributes

Error-free migrations 

Ensure that changes are propagated without problems or errors using proprietary dependency analysis algorithms


Schedule completely unattended migrations

Backup recovery

Revert changes from a backup without a full restore directly from your solution

Analysis and reporting

Bundle you application with powerful reporting capabilities documenting the differences in your environments



ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Improved performance  ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Compressed backup support  ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

Use natively compressed database backups as comparison and synchronization sources

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 SQL Server 2012 support  ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

Compare and synchronize SQL Server 2012 databases, objects and properties including FileTables, sequences, search property lists, columnstore indexes, poison message handling attribute for queues as well as geometry and geography auto grid tessellation scheme for spatial indexes

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Improved scalability  ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

Fully leverage the increased memory and performance boosts provided by the x64 architecture

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Backup comparison  ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

Compare databases against backups without restoring. Compare distinct backup sets

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Transparent decryption  ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

Compare and synchronize encrypted objects

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Support for additional SQL Server objects and data types  ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02

Synchronize data stored in SPARSE columns and FILESTREAM data

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Sophisticated reporting

Export the comparison results to HTML

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Custom script support

Augment deployment with your own pre or post synchronization scripts

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Database builds

Deploy scripts saved in a file or under source control to a new or existing database

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Accurate dependencies

Recognize all object interdependencies, even those that SQL Server itself fails to identify

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Smart schema mapping

Compare objects across different users using schema mapping

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Snapshots

Build a continuous audit trail of all schema changes through snapshots

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Portable libraries

Redistribute assembled libraries without reactivating the product

ApexSQL Diff API 2011.02 Support for all SQL Server versions

Compare and synchronize SQL Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 and SQL 2000 objects and data

API برای .Net جهت بررسی تفاوت بانک اطلاعاتی SQL Server
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