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SoftwarePassport Armadillo 9.64 Professional Edition

SoftwarePassport Armadillo 9.64 Professional Edition crack

Protect your Windows application from piracy and expand your global footprint.

SoftwarePassport technology protects your Windows application and expands your global sales capabilities. You can globalize the marketing features of SoftwarePassport by customizing the language strings to any language. It contains powerful features such as flexible server-based licensing and activation, trialware distribution and marketing, in-application purchasing and sophisticated country based licensing to name just a few. Altogether, they enable software publishers like you to grow revenue by:

  • Protecting your software from piracy
  • Exposing your products to rapidly expanding global markets
  • Maximizing the lifetime value of your buyers whether they are consumers, small to mid-size businesses or corporations
  • Attracting new customers in lucrative and untapped markets

Protection Functionality 
SoftwarePassport is built on the proven Armadillo* protection engine. This technology enables multiple levels of hardware binding and fingerprinting, as well as remote license key delivery with multiple levels of encryption.
SoftwarePassport Armadillo 9.64 Professional Edition

Business Model Support 
Proven built-in marketing techniques include Subscription based usage, Try Before You Buy, Buy Before You Try, limited usage, multi-level usage and protection of paid programs.
SoftwarePassport Armadillo 9.64 Professional Edition

Marketing Options 
SoftwarePassport offers completely customizable, double-byte messages and marketing screens, enabling you to target your unique customer. Plus seamless in-application purchasing will close the sale swiftly.
SoftwarePassport Armadillo 9.64 Professional Edition


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