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Telerik JustTrace v2014.1.1317.6

Telerik JustTrace v2014.1.1317.6 crack

JustTrace is the easy to use memory and performance profiler tool by Telerik. JustTrace helps you profile .NET code, detect and resolve memory leaks, and optimize memory usage for applications in C# or any other .NET language. The rich information, context help, graphs and tables make it easy to understand the data at a glance and resolve the issue fast. For optimal performance and memory usage, JustTrace is a must for all your .NET applications. 

JustTrace aims to redefine fast memory and performance profiling. It adds minimal overhead to the profiled application, allows near seamless execution, and enables analysis-in-place, thus eliminating the need to move the application from its environment. The user can examine different stages of the application’s behavior by swiftly taking multiple snapshots throughout its lifetime. 

Profiling of Already Running Processes
JustTrace allows for unobtrusive attaching to live processes. Should an application start experiencing higher memory or CPU consumption, analysis on its state gives the opportunity to handle scenarios that are otherwise hard to reproduce.

Stand-alone Tool and Seamless Visual Studio Integration
JustTrace offers seamless integration with Visual Studio and can also be used as a stand-alone tool. The integration of JustTrace into Visual Studio’s UI removes a burdensome step by cutting the time needed to jump between the development environment and the tool to test the resulting memory and CPU utilization improvements. Simply modify the code, then run it through the Visual Studio UI and get JustTrace’s core capabilities in a single tool window. 

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