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FuzzyDupes-2012 8.5.3

FuzzyDupes 2012 8.5.3 crack

FuzzyDupes (Fuzzy Duplicate Search) will find similar records in address and other databases. Duplicate records in databases do not only cause high costs, they can also lead to many other problems. Not least when consolidating different data inventories, e.g. during fusion or adding value from acquired data, the duplicate search is an indispensable and critical business process. This is, why data quality more and more becomes a significant value for every business.

Fast fuzzy duplicate search in many data sources
Fuzzy merge of two lists
Fuzzy match with external list (Robinson list)

Supported Data Sources / DBMS:
MS-Access, MS-Access 2007* and 2010* on 32-bit and 64-bit systems
MS-Excel, MS-Excel 2007* and 2010* on 32-bit and 64-bit systems
MS SQL-Server
Text/CSV Files
Other Datasources with ODBC-Driver or OLEdb Provider, e.g. Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, dBase, Foxpro, Paradox, FileMaker, Cache, PostgreSQL, etc.
Search and deletion from MS-Outlook contact folders.
This makes FuzzyDupes the solution for cleansing Outlook contacts
Windows Addressbook
MS-Sharepoint Server
BulkMailer Address Database
32-bit data sources can be accessed on 64-bit systems using the FuzzyDupes 32-bit launcher
64-bit ODBC data sources
Windows Contacts / Windows Mail
نرم افزاری برای پیدا کردن رکوردهای مشابه در بانک اطلاعاتی
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FuzzyDupes 2012 8.5.3 crack  
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