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Tuts+ Premium-Advanced C#

Tuts+ Premium Advanced C# crack

Don’t let the word “Advanced” scare you any longer. Derek is here to show you that, with just a bit of guidance and some very simple examples, even newcomers to the world of C# are capable of incorporating these advanced features and techniques into their day-to-day activities as quickly as tomorrow.

Getting Started 2m 48s
Introduction 2m 48s

Advanced Topics 3h 56m 52s
Implicit Typing 12m 30s
Generics 19m 42s
Attributes 12m 24s
Reflection 24m 2s
Delegates 16m 34s
Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions 16m 12s
Events 17m 50s
Extension Methods 9m 34s
LINQ 22m 46s
Anonymous Types 9m 14s
The dynamic Keyword and Late Binding 12m 54s
Optional Parameters 11m 30s
Task Parallel Library 32m 12s
Async & Await 19m 28s

Wrap-Up 45s
Good-bye 45s

Tuts+ Premium-Advanced C#

فیلم آموزشی C#
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