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D.P.F Delphi Android Native Components-2.6.0

D.P.F Delphi Android Native Components  crack


Welcome to the world of Android programming!

Develop Native Android applications with Delphi XE5

Some components:
+ Added TDPFJAlertDialog
+ TDPFJAnalogClock
+ TDPFJButton
+ TDPFJCheckBox
+ TDPFJChronometer
+ TDPFJDatePicker
+ TDPFJDatePickerDialog
+ TDPFJEditText
+ TDPFJImageView
+ TDPFJListView (not completed)
+ TDPFJProgressBar
+ TDPFJProgressDialog
+ TDPFJTextView
+ TDPFJTimePickerDialog
+ TDPFJToast
+ TDPFJRadioButton
+ TDPFJNumberPicker
+ TDPFJScrollView component
+ TDPFJSeekBar
+ TDPFJTabHost Component (Tabbed view)
+ TDPFJSpinner Component (Dropdown list)
+ TDPFJTextSwitcher Component (Fade/Slide Texts)
+ TDPFJTextClock
+ TDPFJWebView
+ Wrapped some Android.Widget
+ Wrapped some Android.Net
+ Wrapped some Android.OS 
+ Wrapped some Android.R

Enjoy Android Apps Developing

Special Thanks To Mr. Babak Yaghobi

مجموعه از کنترلها برای طراحی نرم افزار های آندروید در دلفی
با تشکر ویژه از آقای بابک یعقوبی برنامه نویس این مجموعه
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