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Download Library For Video Streaming Using Motion JPEG With Delphi XE5

Download Library For Video Streaming Using Motion JPEG With Delphi XE5

There are a lot of Delphi XE5 Firemonkey developers that want to get real time video streaming working on Android and IOS. Real time video streaming is not an easy project to undertake. One solution that I have found recently is to use Motion JPEGs to handle receiving the video stream. I believe the Digifort Mobile Client which is written in XE5 uses motion JPEGs. While investigating real time video streaming solutions I found this motion JPEG decoder code which uses a thread and reads a stream of motion JPEGs using Indy 10. It was updated to compile in Delphi XE4 and run on Windows, OSX, and IOS by Johan van den Heijkant. I downloaded it and tested it with Delphi XE5 Firemonkey and it compiled without any problems for Android. I did not actually test the motion JPEG decoding but it looks like it is being used to power a camera component in the Digital Home Server software which is written in Delphi. One additional bonus that is found on the same site is a link to some motion detector code which will test images for motion (say for example a webcam). The motion detection unit does use some AnsiChars and TPixelFormat so you would need to upgrade it to support Firemonkey yourself.  I have also included a mirror of both files below.
در این پست از آی آر دولوپرز یک کتابخانه برای دلفی برای انجام عملیات Video Streaming ( انتقال آنلاین فیلم ) را معرفی میکنیم .
همانگونه که مستحضر هستید امروزه برنامه نویسان دلفی به دنبال روشی مناسب و عملی برای استریم کردن ویدئو در سیستم عاملهای iOS و Android هستند و این کار یکی از پروژه های پیچیده و حرفه ای به حساب می آید .
در این پست کتابخانه ایی معرفی میکنیم که این کار را برای برنامه نویسان از طریق انتقال تصاویر JPEG میسر میسازد .
در این کتابخانه از Indy استفاده شده و در سیستم عاملهای ویندوز و MacOS و iOS و Android  تست شده و بدون مشکل میباشد .
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